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Nasdaq GlobeNewswire

Newswire Distribution

Distribute your press releases and financial news to the media, investors, consumers and social networks across one of the world’s largest newswires, Nasdaq GlobeNewswire.

Everything you need to distribute your news

With Nasdaq GlobeNewswire, you can create, publish and track your press releases and announcements, on and offline, almost anywhere in the world. You can reach media and other influencers, add multimedia content, get detailed analytics with insight into your reach and visibility, and get support from our experienced editorial team. 

Distribute your press releases and financial news to the media, investors, consumers and social networks across one of the world’s largest newswires. 

Whether you're an IRO sharing market-moving results with investors or a PR professional trying to interest the media in your story, we can help you distribute your corporate news to the audiences who mean the most to you.

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The right channels 

Your news has a better chance of being read if you target the specific people who want to hear it. It's a simple concept, but effective targeting can be difficult. With our specialized distribution channels—and the ability to create and integrate custom lists—it’s simple to zero in on the industries, geographic regions, media outlets and audiences interested in your content. 

  • Global Newslines 
  • Trade Media 
  • Specialty Media 

Online and social media visibility 

Boosting the visibility of your press releases is easy with our step-by-step process for adding hyperlinks, multimedia assets like images and video, and your own social media links. 

Editorial support and translation 

The experienced editorial staff at Nasdaq GlobeNewswire—many of whom are former journalists—is like an extension of your team. Our communications professionals collaborate with you to make sure your message comes through loud and clear even under the most demanding deadlines, providing quality assurance and translation services. 

Satisfy disclosure and regulatory filing requirements with ease and confidence 

IR professionals rely on Nasdaq GlobeNewswire to help them meet regulatory filing and disclosure requirements efficiently and securely, including EDGAR filings (U.S.), SEDAR filings (Canada) and the European Transparency Directive (Europe). We can simplify distribution and disclosure of press releases to financial terminals, print, broadcast and trade media, wire services, news agencies, databases, portals and websites.

Ultimate Guide to Press Release SEO

Expert advice on improving the visibility of your news releases through search engine optimization.

Highlights of this guide: 

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