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Get a direct newsfeed of public and private industry press release content customized for your media site.

Custom Content

Nasdaq GlobeNewswire is a leading source for relevant, up-to-date press releases from public and private companies around the world, across multiple industries.

 Thousands of companies rely on us to distribute their corporate press releases, financial disclosures and multimedia content news to online and print media, financial communities and private audiences every day. 

All releases distributed through the GlobeNewswire Distribution Network are unique and not accessible through any other newswire service.

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How to access GlobeNewswire Content

Press release content is available directly through a GlobeNewswire subscription, through any of GlobeNewswire’s current media partners, or via a custom delivery method available through the media relations department. We can produce and format news content in a variety of proprietary and standard formats. The technical requirements and setup time required to integrate a direct newsfeed from GlobeNewswire into web portals or new platforms are quick and simple. Customized newsfeeds are available by subject, industry, location or stock exchange.

Feeds Include:

  • Full-text corporate press releases for public and private companies from around the world
  • Breaking news, including product announcements, mergers and acquisitions, executive changes, and corporate events
  • Multimedia content to enrich company and market information
  • Easy-to-read financial tables in a web-friendly format

Journalists/bloggers: For real-time news straight to your inbox, register for a Reader Account, download one of our RSS news release feeds, or contact us to learn more.

  • Follow and track specific companies, locations, and industries
  • Create alerts and saved searches to stay on top of industry news
  • Download high definition images and video
  • Simple sharing - like, tweet, share content

Online Media Publications:

Contact us to discuss your content needs and how we can support them as a GlobeNewswire Media Partner.

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