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Public Relations Services

Nasdaq Newsrooms

The next generation of newsrooms is here—helping you share your news and tell your stories better than ever before.

Our next generation Nasdaq IR Websites can help you improve the user experience for your audience and simplify content management for your team.

Providing a high-quality, content-rich website for the media and consumers can help increase confidence in your company and reinforces your brand. With a next generation Nasdaq Newsroom, journalists can stay updated on the latest announcements, find content to support their stories, and get in touch with the right contacts at your company. Our platform also helps simplify content management for your team. We incorporated feedback from our clients to develop enhancements intended to align with the needs of PR professionals.

  • Intuitive Content Management
    Our next generation newsrooms feature an intuitive content management system, enabling you to make updates to your site with ease. You can also leverage your dedicated website service manager for assistance. The platform also features custom URLs, role-based publishing permissions, and the ability to tag, organize and categorize content.

  • Security Features
    Help safeguard your content with multi-factor security, including role-based access, HTTPS and direct content uploads to your dedicated Website Service Manager.

  • Fresh, Flexible Design
    Choose from a portfolio of modern layouts and customize your newsroom to help meet the needs of your audiences and match the look and feel of your corporate site.

  • Automatically Post News Releases
    Help streamline your workflow with the ability to automatically post and acategorize your releases to your newsroom when they are published. You don't need to be a Nasdaq GlobeNewswire client to take advantage of this feature, but choosing to work with one global provider for your newswire and newsroom services can help you simplify the distribution and management of your PR content.

  • Seamless Mobile Experience
    Make your content available to the media and consumers on the go with a responsive newsroom which automatically resizes itself to each user’s device. You can even access the content management system (CMS) to make updates from your smartphone or tablet.

  • Accelerated Innovation
    Our next generation website platform is built on Drupal 8, an open source CMS used by thousands of companies, enabling us to accelerate innovation and bring you features that have been tested and refined by a vast developer community.

  • Multi-language Capabitilies
    Deliver a localized experience with the ability to manage and publish content in over 100 languages.


Our intuitive platform makes it simple to edit and publish content on your site, but our support team is available 24/7 to help you with time-critical updates or just to lend a hand.


Get access to detailed website analytics as well as the ability to track email alert subscriptions and information requests. With our enhanced reporting tool, you can dig deeper into traffic trends, referring sites, popular keywords, frequency of visitors, time spent on your site and more.

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