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Public Relations Services

webcasting for press events & product launches


Extend the reach of your press events and corporate announcements to a global online audience with brand-centric webcast experiences, featuring HD video, interactive features, and analytics that tell you which journalists attended your event. Let us manage every aspect of your webcast so you can focus on your event and the people delivering.


. Customized branding and design to align with your live event
. Full-featured, responsive mobile experience with interactive Q&A and surveys
. Identify journalists that attend your webcast with detailed audience analytics

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More solutions for press events & product launches

Improve the Effectiveness of Media Outreach | MEDIA DATABASE 

Creating media lists with outdated and inaccurate information can be frustrating and sap your productivity. You need accurate content that provides insight into the journalists and influencers you’re targeting. Our Media Database solution gives you access to profiles across traditional and social media outlets which are verified for accuracy by our research team. 

Promote Your Event with Global Press Release Distribution | GLOBENEWSWIRE 

With one of the world’s largest global newswire distribution networks, GlobeNewswire gives you a simple and cost-effective way to promote your event to a worldwide audience. Whether you’re targeting international audiences or regional media, you have the flexibility to customize your distribution. 

Get Insight into the Impact of Your Events | MEDIA INTELLIGENCE 

Tell the full story on the impact of your event. Our team of industry-focused analysts will provide you with a 24-hour post-event news brief and a 10-day post-event report to give you insight about the coverage and conversation generated by your announcement across traditional and online media outlets, and in the marketplace.

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