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Rules and Regulations

Derivative rules

The Rules and Regulations of Nasdaq Derivatives Markets govern Nasdaq Stockholm's derivative exchange and clearing activities.

Exchange Rules

Clearing Rules

Clearing rules

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3 (i)

Chapter 3 (ii)

Chapter 3 A


1. List of Exchange and Clearing Members »  (joint with Exchange Rules)

2. Quotation List  (joint with Exchange Rules)

3. Fee List  (joint with Exchange Rules)

3.A. Market Maker Fee List  (joint with Exchange Rules)

3.B. Proprietary Fee List  (joint with Exchange Rules)

3.C Liquidity Provider Fee List  (joint with Exchange Rules)

4. Trading and Accessibility Hours  (joint with Exchange Rules)

5. Fair Value  (joint with Exchange Rules)

6. Procedures in connection with system disturbances on the expiration day  (joint with Exchange Rules)

7. Clearing Member Agreement

8. Customer Agreement A (ENG), Kundavtal A (SWE),  Asiakassopimus A (FI),  Kundeaftale (DK)  Kundeavtale (NO)

8. Customer Agreement B1

8. Customer Agreement B2

8. Customer Agreement B2A

9. Clearing Agreement

10. Non Exchange Trading Broker Agreement

11. Compensation Agreement

12. List of Approved Settlement Banks

13. Parameter Value List

14. Collateral List
15. Designated Sub-accounts Discount Agreement
16. Default Fund Rules
17. Loss sharing Rules
18. Blank
19. Supplement default rules for Contracts Recorded on Client Accounts
20. Supplement default rules for Contracts Recorded on a Direct Pledge Account
21. Supplement default rules for Contracts Recorded on an Indirect Pleding Account
22. COM Block Trade Facility Clearing Procedures
23. COM Non Exchange Clearing Procedures
24. COM Third Party Exchange Clearing Procedures

Mandatory CCP Provisions and Core Provisions of Nasdaq Clearing AB
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