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Nasdaq's Listing Options

Structured Products

ETFs & Investment Funds

Combining the advantages of a mutual fund and the flexibility of a stock, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are one of the fastest-growing investment vehicles in Europe. Nasdaq offers different listing and trading services for fund products. The Nasdaq Global Index Group can also provide the underlying indexes for product issuers to use in creating funds for the Nordic and European markets. 

How to Issue ETFs 

An issuer must be approved by the exchange as an issuer for the listing of warrants, certificates or ETFs as well as sign an undertaking to comply with the Rulebook. 

Together with the application, an issuer needs to include other documentation. Read more detail about what is required when applying for and issuing ETFs from the Rules and Regulations

Issuers can apply electronically by using our online Listing Center

Find more information: 


Warrants & Certificates

Warrants present a way to trade on the stock market with a limited amount of invested capital. We offer listing and trading services for warrants based on underlying stocks, indexes or other assets.

If you are an issuer, read more and apply electronically by using our online Listing Center

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