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Bond Listing Finland

Nasdaq Helsinki offers listing service for a variety of fixed income related securities.

In total approximately 450 bonds are listed on Nasdaq Helsinki. Listing of structured bonds is the largest type of listings with approximately 100 listings a year. The different types of listings consist of both national and international issuers including the Finnish government, local and international banks and companies.

In specific our markets and listing services today cover of the following products:

  • Government Bonds
    The Finnish Government bonds are listed on Nasdaq Helsinki.
  • Structured Bonds
    Our listing service for structured bonds is mainly targeting Finnish retail investors. Among the issuers there are both Finnish and international issuers.
  • Bank Certificates
    A number of Finnish banks list bank certificates on the Nasdaq Helsinki.
  • Corporate and Other Bonds
    Instruments listed under the corporate and other bonds market segment consist of both Finnish and international issuer of corporate bonds.

Listing Process

The listing decision is made by the CEO of Nasdaq Helsinki. The application should be submitted through the listing Application Center at latest two days before the listing date at 12.00 am. However, if the issuer hasn’t listed bonds before, the issuer should contact the Exchange well in advance.

Listing Requirements

In accordance with the Rules of the Securities Exchange, bonds are listed as follows:

  1. All debt instruments that are part of the same issue are included in the application.
  2. The nominal value of the debt issue is at least EUR 200,000 or an equivalent amount in another currency.
  3. The debt instruments are freely transferable.
  4. The issuer of the debt instruments is sufficiently solvent; and
  5. The reporting and monitoring systems of the issuer have been organized so that it has the ability to satisfy all requirements applicable to the issuers of public bonds under law and the Rules of the Exchange.

Public Bond Programme

The Exchange may, upon application by the issuer, decide to list several bond issues or other public debt instruments to be issued under a long-term underwriting agreement (bond programme). The effectiveness of such decisions cannot exceed one year. Such decisions require that:

A written agreement has been signed between the issuer and the underwriter. The underwriter must be a securities intermediary within the meaning of the Securities Markets Act.

The issuer and each of the debt instruments to be listed must meet the applicable conditions for listing. The minimum nominal value of an individual debt issue must be EUR 200,000 or an equivalent amount in another currency.


Issuers must enter into a written agreement with the Exchange regarding the trading of a public bond issue or other public debt instrument on the official list, and must agree to abide by all Rules and guidelines of the Exchange, as amended from time to time, together with all other commitments made to the Exchange.

Registration Fee and Annual Fee

All companies whose debt instruments are listed on the Exchange are required to pay a registration fee and an annual fee to the Exchange.

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