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Clearinghouses -- Market Tech Nasdaq

Key stakeholders in the fabric of the global financial framework.

Clearinghouses compete not just locally for business but on a global basis, taking on immense amounts of risk as they clear and settle millions upon billions of transactions. Their technology needs to be real-time, robust and proven to keep up with even the most demanding market conditions. 

That’s why Nasdaq provides the robust, multi-asset, high-velocity clearing, settlement and risk management solutions required to more intelligently manage, mitigate their ever-changing list of risks, and efficiently process billions of transactions. Nasdaq technology is is already proven and in use, not just at Nasdaq, but trusted by 14 other CCPs around the globe.

Robust. Proven. Innovative.

Innovation is in our DNA. For over 20 years, Nasdaq has been delivering solutions to marketplaces, clearinghouses and CSDs that help drive their ambitions, and their economies forward. See how Nasdaq’s Market Technology solutions can help transform your business.

Introducing The Nasdaq Financial Framework

Robust, flexible and built for the evolving capital markets landscape.



The Nasdaq Experience

See why 90+ market operators trust Nasdaq to power their businesses.


. Solutions for Clearinghouses

Robust, real-time clearing solutions enabling management of multiple currencies, asset classes and business models in a single solution with sophisticated cross-margining capabilities to raise your competitive position.

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Robust, multi-asset, real-time risk solutions that enable more intelligent management and, mitigation of the ever-changing list of risks for CCPs. 

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. Solutions for QA + Testing

Reduce the cost and complexity of quality assurance while simultaneously bringing new functionality to market more quickly and effectively. 

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Nasdaq Delivery Services

For 25 years Nasdaq’s Delivery Services team has implemented a wide range of projects from Nigeria to Japan and Colombia to Turkey and everywhere in between, on-time and on-budget. Learn why Nasdaq is the most qualified to deliver your project.
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Nasdaq Market Advisory

From evaluating clearing efficiency to helping start new venues, Nasdaq Market Advisory is well-positioned to help your clearinghouse evolve and grow.
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