Nasdaq Buy-side Compliance

Nasdaq Buy-side Compliance, formerly Sybenetix Compass, provides award winning trade surveillance and compliance monitoring software for hedge funds, fund managers, asset managers and portfolio managers.

Recent trends and high profile cases have placed a heightened focus on the buy-side to employ more sophisticated procedures to detect potential market abuse. Nasdaq Buy-side Compliance dramatically reduces false positives while also increasing the speed of investigation with traits uniquely tailored to buy-side market participants.

Nasdaq Buy-side Compliance Features:

  • Provides compliance teams with the behavioural profiling algorithms needed to effectively address Market Abuse Regulation and MiFID II requirements
  • Real-time decision support tools automatically flag suspicious market activity with reduced false positives. Immediate review and investigation takes place within the dashboard, enabling teams to build a process of excellence for conduct management
  • Proprietary behaviour profiling algorithms provide insight to patterns of all individual investment activity and potential market abuse. Fast, deep analytics provide an immediate view on potential misconduct.
  • The system collects data on trading activities, personal data and external market data

To learn more about our buy-side compliance solution, please visit:

“We now have proactive self-reporting to compliance before the next day flag has even been raised. This is completely unheard of behavioural change.”
– Group Head of Compliance

Nasdaq Acquires Sybenetix

The acquisition of Sybenetix further expands Nasdaq’s leadership in the surveillance space and make it a leading provider to the buy-side industry.
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