A pre-configured collection of trading and surveillance alert visualization dashboards.

SMARTS Surveillance Intelligence provides a pre-configured collection of trading and surveillance alert visualization dashboards, further expanding SMARTS Surveillance users' ability to interrogate and understand the large trading and alert data set delivered by the SMARTS Trade Surveillance engine. The solution extends and complements SMARTS’ award-winning alerting and visualization capabilities by embedding robust reporting, dashboards and visual data discovery capabilities. Using SMARTS Surveillance Intelligence, firms can broaden and deepen their investigation of alert content, or proactively identify new patterns of abuse.

Beyond the Alert

Helping to acquire deeper, more actionable insight, SMARTS Surveillance Intelligence uncovers behaviors that are not well suited to codified alerts by using adjustable parameters in heat maps, tree maps and other visualizations that amplify a surveillance analysts’ ability to identify meaningful information. Using the solution’s purpose-built dashboards, firms can spot and examine trends, patterns, and exceptions even across large historical data sets. Together, SMARTS Surveillance Intelligence advanced analytics and visualization tools, combined with SMARTS 20 years of surveillance and technology expertise, help organizations move their investigations beyond the alert, creating a proactive trade surveillance organization.

Solution Highlights
Dig deeper into potentially abusive instances, leveraging heat maps and visualizations to drill further into the activity in question
Present information and intelligence to management to keep them informed and add value to the surveillance function
Analyze alerting results and produce quantitative rationale for modifying alert parameters to auditors and regulators

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