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SMARTS Trade Surveillance for the Buy-Side: Core Platform

Recent trends and high profile cases have placed a heightened focus on the buy-side to employ more sophisticated procedures to detect potential market abuse. While regulatory pressure has focused largely on insider trading, recent trends also point to a focus on market manipulation on a larger scale and the expectation for buy-side firms to lodge suspicious transaction and order reports. In addition, regulations like MiFID II have set further requirements around best execution, which buy-side firms must be able to comply with.

Recognized by the industry for its award-winning trade surveillance and monitoring capabilities, SMARTS Trade Surveillance now offers a solution tailored to the unique needs of buy-side market participants, including hedge funds, fund managers, portfolio managers and asset managers.

The SMARTS Trade Surveillance solution for the buy-side provides a consolidated view of a firm’s trading activity across multiple brokers and asset classes – including specific alerts that identify unusual trading around buy-side activities such as wall-crossings and research recommendation changes, which are configured around the timing and content of the originating parent order. Additionally, the solution allows for monitoring of intent and conduct via embedded Trader Profiling and integrated eComms surveillance.

The SMARTS Trade Surveillance Buy-Side solution, allows firms to benefit from:

  • SMARTS access to and integration of comprehensive market data feeds, which enables the generation of Best Execution analytics and visualizations
  • Access to the same level of technology and visualizations as compliance peers across the industry – including the sell-side, exchanges and regulators
  • Flexibility of the SMARTS deployment model to provide coverage across all regulated asset classes
  • SMARTS co-development model, working with buy-side firms across the industry to build ongoing functionality and prioritize developments
Nasdaq SMARTS Trade Surveillance and Digital Reasoning’s industry leading cognitive computing platform, Synthesys, provide next generation, holistic surveillance technology to the global capital markets, including brokers, buy-side, regulators and exchanges.
With pre-configured trading and surveillance alert visualization dashboards, Nasdaq’s surveillance analytics capabilities allow for a deeper understanding of alerts and data sets.
With the ability to view OTC assets in the context of selected markets, Nasdaq SMARTS Surveillance is able to bring clarity to monitoring opaque OTC markets.
Waters Technology Awards Nasdaq Best Buy-Side Technology
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