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Nasdaq Artist in Residence -- @wantedvisual .

Nasdaq has become an emblem of Times Square, the heart of New York City. Our tower rises above this bustling epicenter that is truly a source of constant inspiration. This inspiration is harnessed each day by various emerging artists throughout the New York City community. We are pleased to highlight these talented photographers who bring a unique perspective to the neighborhood we call home.

Nasdaq Artist in Residence -- @wantedvisual

Edward Ravalovich 7

What ignites your ambition?
What ignites my ambition is definitely all the amazing work that I see other photographers putting out. Seeing such amazing and unique styles being shared via social media, definitely encourages my own creative process and forces me to push and challenge myself artistically in ways I never thought possible. 

Edward Rafalovich 4

Why is Instagram your medium of choice?
Instagram has to be my medium of choice because of the ease of use and the reach that the platform offers. I like to post photos on my Facebook as well, but Instagram seems to offer more immediate gratification. I am a very tough critic of my own work, so whenever I post a photo, I know within minutes if people will love it or hate it. That is not to say that the Instagram community has the final say on whether a photo is good or bad; because its all subjective, but it feels good whenever I post a photo, and get immediate feedback on my work by people from all over the world. 

Edward Rafalovich 5

What turned you on to photography and why do you love to photograph New York?

I started off working as a videographer/editor, so photography was a natural transition from that. While I still enjoy documenting things that interest me by making videos, it is also very profound that I can tell a whole story with just one snapshot. As opposed to video which can take hours of work to film and edit, I find that photography is pretty much instantaneous, and conveys emotions that can be just as powerful as video or a full length movie. 

I really like to photograph New York because it seems like the most obvious subject to me. The first reason is because I have lived in this city pretty much my entire life. Growing up in Bensonhurst Brooklyn, I was privy to so many events in my community; there was always something interesting happening somewhere. The streets are always packed with interesting people of all races and ethnic backgrounds, and the architecture of New York is really unlike any city on Earth. New York is home to some of the most iconic and historic buildings in the world, and it is also my home as well. It seemed only natural to photograph and document life in and around my city.

Edward Rafalovich 1

What about the Nasdaq tower inspires you?
To me, the Nasdaq Tower represents prosperity and growth. Whenever I am in Times Square, looking up at the giant, bright tower full of countless LED lights, it is very inspiring. The fact that this tower is located in one of the most populated areas in the heart of Manhattan, is incredible to me because of the sheer amount of people who see it on a daily basis. The tower is as iconic as New York itself, and the thought of having my work displayed there, as well as seen by so many people is very humbling. 

Edward Rafalovich 6

Times Square is an iconic place to photograph, how did you find a way to capture it differently than photographers before you?
There are countless photographs taken in Times Square on a daily basis, so finding a unique way to photograph it was quite challenging. As an artist, it is my job to find unique angles and creative compositions, so figuring out how I can show Times Square differently was a challenge. Mainly, I looked at the work that is already out there, and I asked myself; "What can I do differently that hasn't already been done?" The answer came to me as I noticed many people like to photograph Times Square at ground level. There hasn't been many people that shot this iconic location from above, and that was my golden ticket.

Edward Rafalovich 2

Learn more about this month's artist: @wantedvisual, follow him on Twitter: @WantedVisual and on Instagram:
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