Lessons from Snaphappen 2016: AniAcopian, Award for Best Collaborative Snapchat Story .

Snaphappen was held on September 22nd and was the first Snapchat™ conference that focused on how to use Snapchat to grow a business.

Lessons from Snaphappen 2016: AniAcopian, Award for Best Collaborative Snapchat Story


The world's first Snapchat™ conference, run by the Snapchat community -- Snaphappen took place in the Magic Roundabout in London on September 22nd. The focus of the conference was on utilizing Snapchat to grow a brand or business. All of the lessons were taught by the best in the this genre of social media. Here are some of the award winners who have inspired and influenced other Snapchatters around the world. At the end of event, the first annual "Ghostie" Awards were presented to the best of the best on Snapchat.

This article is a Q&A with "AniAcopian" -- Winner of the 2016 Best Collaborative Snapchat Story

How have you been able to use Snapchat to promote yourself and/or your business?

I’m a filmmaker, and I started getting into Snapchat about a year and a half ago because it was an accessible, fun way to make short films. Since then, I've been able to tell stories that are unique to the platform, reach new audiences and collaborate with other creative people.

As an enterprising Snapchatter do you use Snapchat exclusively or other social media platforms to communicate about yourself/brand?

I mostly use Snapchat, but I also share some of my stories on Twitter and my personal website (aniacopian.com).

What are your thoughts on brands like Nasdaq being active on Snapchat versus other social platforms?

I don’t think Snapchat is for every brand – it depends on their audience and social strategy. For the brands that do it right, Snapchat can be a very powerful tool for marketing because the viewer is choosing to watch the snap, as opposed to absent-mindedly scrolling through a feed and liking a photo.

If you can consistently provide something engaging and on-brand that people are not getting on other social channels, Snapchat can be extremely valuable.

Who on Snapchat inspires you? What snapchatters would you recommend following?

My favorite snappers are @jerm_cohen, @dabttll and @markowitzh – they’re all New York-based and are pushing the platform in terms of how it can be used for filmmaking, drawing, and photography. On the brand-side, I enjoy watching Apple Music, EVERLANE and The Infatuation. I’m also really proud of Sweetgreen’s account (@teamsweetgreen), which I run.

What are your best tips for someone just starting out on Snapchat who is wanting to become an influencer?

Make quality content that withstands the test of time. To test this, make a story and put your phone in front of anyone (adult, stranger); even if they don’t know what Snapchat is, they shouldn’t want to stop watching.

What do you think is the best way(s) for a brand to use a social media tool like Snapchat?

If you’re on Snapchat just to be on Snapchat, you shouldn’t be on Snapchat.

If your brand has compelling stories to tell, then invest in people who can tell those stories best on Snapchat.

How does it feel to have won the first ever Snapchat award in your category?

I feel incredibly thankful - thankful for my friend and collaborator @jerm_cohen, without whom this story would not have existed, thankful for my friends, family and coworkers who have supported my passion, and thankful for the folks behind Snaphappen for making it happen!"

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