Blockchain Reports: Hijro .

From the Consensus Summit 2017, Nasdaq spoke with a variety of blockchain experts. This episode was with Lamar Wilson, CTO & CEO of Hijro.

Blockchain Reports: Hijro

By Kevin Feather / Digital Content Strategy

Lamar Wilson, CTO and CEO of Hijro joined Nasdaq's Brad Smith at the 2017 Consensus Summit. Wilson explained how his company is involved in DLT -- Distributed Ledger Technology or blockchain. Hijro utilizes DLT to facilitate the trading of assets. Hijro built their platform to allow large corporations and banks to connect to one another to optimize working capital and streamline supply chain operations.

How to Explain Blockchain to a 5th Grader

Wilson outlined how he would explain blockchain to a 5th Grader. He began by comparing blockchain to the video game -- "Minecraft." As he continued, he noted that the computers mine coins. As they mine them, the player gets to keep them in their own private box. Then the computer lets everyone else playing the game know how many coins you have in your box and vice versa. Then you can trade coins with other players. Wilson then provided a caveat that most 5th graders today are a lot smarter when it comes to technology than many adults, especially when it comes to concepts such as bitcoin and blockchain.

What does the Future hold for Blockchain?

Wilson believes that in the future blockchain will "fall into the background" as a technology. In his view, it will be ubiquitous, we will be using it, but no one will actually know that. ICOs or "Initial Coin Offerings" are the exciting next step for the future of blockchain technology as a whole. Wilson sees ICOs as an opportunity to expand the opportunities for startups and entrepreneurs via the freedom that blockchain-based ICOs will offer.

Editor's Note: According to Coindesk, an ICO is a "crowdsale of cryptographically secured blockchain tokens to fund the development and operation of one of three types of blockchain projects: 1. A platform-layer blockchain, 2. An organization that operates on a blockchain and 3. A decentralized application that runs on a platform-layer blockchain."

The Marriage of Finance and Software Development -- The Practical vs Theoretical

Wilson's education and experience in both finance and software development naturally drew him into an interest in working with cryptocurrencies. As the cofounder of Hijro, Wilson wants to see people move from the theoretical view of blockchain to the practical use and deployment of products and solutions that harness the technology. He provides a great example of the use of email -- a killer application that was founded on new technology at the time, but it helped to power a revolution for communication.

Watch the Entire Interview

Watch this Nasdaq interview from Consensus Summit 2017 via the Facebook Live video here or below:

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