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Market Talks: Nasdaq Options Market and the NDX .

In partnership with Markets Media, Nasdaq presents Market Talks. This episode features Jeff Kimsey and Kevin Kennedy of Nasdaq.

Market Talks: Nasdaq Options Market and the NDX

By Kevin Feather / Digital Content Strategy

Nasdaq and Markets Media have partnered to produce an ongoing series of conversations with finance and technology industry experts. This episode moderated by Jill Malandrino, features Kevin Kennedy, Senior Vice President Product Management for Nasdaq's U.S. Options markets and Jeff Kimsey, Vice President, Product Management for Nasdaq's Global Information Services business.

The in-depth and rich conversation included a variety of questions such as:

  1. Why options were of importance for Nasdaq and retail investors
  2. How could options be utilized as indicators for the future direction of equities
  3. How important options volatility is for short- and long-term investors
  4. The likelihood of options volume increasing

To watch the entire conversation, please click on the following Facebook live link or view the recording below:

This broadcast is prepared by Nasdaq, Inc. At the time of broadcasting, the information herein was believed to be accurate, however, such information is subject to change without notice and Nasdaq makes no representation or warranty as to the correctness or completeness of the information set forth herein. Nothing herein shall constitute a recommendation, solicitation or offer by Nasdaq for the purchase or sale of any investment product, nor shall this material be construed in any way as investment, legal, or tax advice or as a recommendation, reference or endorsement by Nasdaq or its affiliates.
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