Nasdaq Introduces Midpoint Extended Life Order (M-ElO) .

M-ELO is designed for counterparties with longer term investment horizons.

Nasdaq Introduces Midpoint Extended Life Order (M-ElO)

Midpoint ELO (M-ELO) is a new order designed to attract counterparties with longer-term investment horizons.

Via a new, patent-pending matching process, M-ELO orders will only execute against other M-ELO orders, ensuring the matching of like-minded investors on a broker-neutral exchange. Elegant in design, M-ELO orders are non-display and report to the tape as any other midpoint execution without any impact to the lit market. Market participants can leverage existing exchange connectivity to use M-ELO, avoiding any costly technology or connectivity work. Nasdaq will introduce M-ELO in the first quarter 2018, pending regulatory approval.


To learn more, contact the Nasdaq Trading and Market Services Team at sales@nasdaq.com or +1 800 846 0477. To download a pdf of this infographic, click here >

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