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Nasdaq’s Nelson Griggs Weighs in on the Effects of Health Care and Tax Reform in the Markets .

Nasdaq’s Nelson Griggs, Executive Vice President of Listing Services interviewed with FOX Business to discuss health care, tax reform and its effect on the current market.

Nasdaq’s Nelson Griggs Weighs in on the Effects of Health Care and Tax Reform in the Markets

Nelson Griggs Fox June 2017

On June 22, following the “American Leadership and Emerging Technology Event” with President Trump on Capitol Hill, Nasdaq EVP of Listing Services Nelson Griggs spoke with FOX Business’ Neil Cavuto on Cavuto: Coast to Coast to discuss the present debate on tax reform and its effect on the U.S. markets. Griggs was among many other top executives and CEOs in attendance at The White House.

Griggs commented on the current upward trajectory within the markets as well as the effect tax reform has had on the current market. According to Griggs, most CEOs throughout the country are very focused on tax rate and tax regulation.

The interview concluded with Griggs’ insights on health care and lowering corporate tax rates: “More taxes coming to individuals through health care would likely be passed onto the corporations, and that might not necessarily be a good thing for corporate growth.”

Recently, Nasdaq hosted the “Inside Look at Tax Reform: A Conversation with Top Tax Policy Staffers on the Hill” web seminar. There, two of Congress’ top policy staffers, Barbara Angus, Chief Tax Counsel for the House of Ways and Means Committee, and Mark Prater, Chief Tax Counsel for the Senate Finance Committee shared their insights on the status of the overall business rate, border adjustment taxes and interest deductibility.

Watch the FOX Business interview here.

Watch a replay of the Tax Reform Webinar here.

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