Proven and in use in 13 clearinghouses and 16 CSDs globally, Nasdaq post-trade solutions help CSDs and Clearinghouses to better understand, optimize and safeguard their operations


Nasdaq operates its own clearinghouses and provides clearing and other post-trade technology to marketplaces around the world.

Our standardized solutions provide an efficient, stable environment for the clearing and settlement of securities as well as for handling administration, custody and risk management.Our systems are characterized by open interfaces and are designed to communicate with various trading, clearing, securities settlement and payments systems. They can handle a wide variety of asset categories, including OTC products, and corporate actions. Key advantages include:

  • Efficient real-time processing
  • Support of multiple markets and multiple currencies on a single platform
  • Seamless integration to trading
  • Comprehensive risk and collateral management
  • Real-time positioning and allocation
Our proven delivery methodology ensures delivery on-time, on-target and ready-to-launch.
Nasdaq provides CCPs and markets cost-efficient, high-velocity clearing, settlement and risk management to more intelligently manage, mitigate their ever-changing list of risks. Our solutions support a broad range of asset classes, including OTC, and are reliable, and scalable to manage clearing operations for more straight-forward implementations to complex, multi-model,-currency and –market organizations.
X-stream CSD helps CSDs seeking to solve multiple business opportunities including Settlement, Depository, Registry and Asset Servicing. Specifically designed for CSDs and constructed for low cost-of-ownership and rapid delivery, X-stream CSD can be configured for different market models and is adaptable to the changing conditions of CSDs.
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