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Surveillance Solutions: Nasdaq SMARTS

20 years of trusted, proven technology for detection, documentation and investigation of market abuse.

With over 20 years of experience as the industry benchmark for real-time and T 1, cross-market surveillance platforms, Nasdaq SMARTS Surveillance technology powers surveillance and compliance for 47 marketplaces, 17 regulators and 140 market participants across 65 markets globally. Scalable to millions of transactions and flexible to manage a number of unique data sources, SMARTS Surveillance holistically examines scenarios across multiple venues and asset classes. The solution effectively gathers the data required via direct feeds from trading venues, and provides intuitive visualizations and alerts that distill millions of pieces of data into an easily readable snapshot to efficiently identify potentially abusive instances.

Unparalleled Expertise

SMARTS Surveillance technology goes well beyond "ticking the box". SMARTS Surveillance is backed by a team of unrivaled financial and technology professionals who have in-depth understanding and insight into market surveillance, supervision and compliance. They understand the complex issues associated with maintaining market integrity at exchanges, regulators and market participants and have developed systems that can both meet the multifaceted requirements of today, and are flexible enough to adapt to future requirements.

Beyond Surveillance

From award-winning capabilities for market and trade surveillance to robust analytics and case management tools that enable firms to proactively conduct surveillance beyond the alert to partnerships with leaders in the eComms monitoring and relationship analytics space, Nasdaq provides all of tools necessary to keep surveillance professionals ahead of the sophisticated traders they are watching.

Surveillance Solutions

Nasdaq helps ensure that customers are positioned to meet current needs and adhere to future requirements by providing marketplaces, regulators and trading institutions, across both buy-and sell-sides with surveillance SMARTS: 

SMARTS Market Surveillance Solutions
SMARTS Market Surveillance for Marketplaces and Regulators

SMARTS Trade Surveillance Solutions
SMARTS Trade Surveillance for Market Participants
SMARTS Trade Surveillance for FX
SMARTS Trade Surveillance for Energy

Complementary Solutions

eComms Monitoring & Relationship Forensics
SMARTS Trade Surveillance iQ and Analytics

SMARTS Market Surveillance for Marketplaces & Regulators is the industry benchmark for real-time and T1 solutions for market surveillance, supervision and compliance.

SMARTS Trade Surveillance enables compliance teams at both buy- and sell-side market participants to minimize the most common surveillance challenges

For FX

SMARTS Trade Surveillance for FX empowers surveillance teams with an unprecedented view and deeper understanding of FX trading.
An extension of the award-winning SMARTS Trade Surveillance platform, SMARTS Surveillance for Dark Pools helps Multilateral Trading Facilities (MTF), Alternative Trading Systems(ATS), Crossing Networks, and market participants.

For Energy

SMARTS Trade Surveillance for Energy provides a turn-key solution to stay ahead of compliance. It is available to all energy market participants
SMARTS iQ Analytics is the next generation surveillance intelligence for market participants. SMARTS iQ Analytics uncovers behaviors that are not well suited to codified alerts by using adjustable parameters in heat maps, tree maps and other visualizations that amplify a surveillance analysts’ ability to identify meaningful information.
SMARTS surveillance and compliance capabilities go well beyond the alert. By deploying an extended suite of tools, compliance teams can enhance effectiveness and operate more efficiently, even as data volumes and sources multiply.
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