Nasdaq Futures, Inc. (NFX) brings a competitive mix of new products, fees, innovative technology, and clearing services designed to meet the needs of ambitious traders.

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Delays in last sale prices can result in missed opportunities and lost profits. In the stock market, timing is everything.

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The PwC Annual Corporate Directors Survey provides insight on the “The Good,” “The Bad” and “The Ugly” boards face.

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Nasdaq provides unique features and sophisticated functionality including unique order types, Complex Orders, Nasdaq Precise, and comprehensive risk management protections.

Complex Orders

Complex Orders

PHLX and ISE offer innovative technology that enables market participants to trade smarter by providing efficient and liquid markets for multi-legged strategies including Complex Orders.

Implied Orders

Implied Orders

Implied Orders significantly enhance ISE’s and PHLX’s industry-leading Complex Order Book by enabling greater interaction of multi-legged orders with the Simple Order Book. This functionality has tightened spreads on our Simple Order Books, resulting in better executions for multi-legged orders and for Simple Orders.

Risk Managment

Risk Management

Nasdaq collaborates with our clients and regulatory agencies to ensure we provide cutting edge, reliable risk management features that foster a reliable trading environment for market participants.

For a detailed overview of the risk management features available on our options platforms, visit the links below.

Nasdaq also offers a Pre-Trade Risk Management business application, as part of the Nasdaq Financial Framework, to market operators.

Nasdaq Precise

Nasdaq Precise

Nasdaq Precise, formerly called PrecISE Trade, is an award-winning front-end order and execution management system for trading options and stock options combinations.

Using Nasdaq Precise, traders can:

  • Submit, monitor, alter, and cancel orders
  • Display the NBBO and BBO with depth at ISE
  • Display and access the ISE Complex Order Book
  • Route orders to all options exchanges via Nasdaq Execution Services

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