Delays in last sale prices can result in missed opportunities and lost profits. In the stock market, timing is everything.

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Industry leaders, cyber experts, and policymakers joined the NCSA & Nasdaq to discuss the latest cybersecurity topics.

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Add Performance to Your Portfolio with NASDAQ-100® Index Options (NDX)

The NASDAQ-100® Index is a measure of past, present and future performance of large-cap growth stocks.

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NDX - A Valuable Hedging Strategy for Ambitious Traders


  • NDX Options provide exposure to the most active non-financial domestic and international issuers with the largest market capitalization listed on The Nasdaq Stock Market
  • Easy Profit and Loss Calculation: One index point equals $100 (.01 equals $1.00)
  • European Style Expiration means the option can only be exercised on the Expiration date
  • Cash Settlement eliminates need for delivery of underlying stock components

NDX – A story of past, present and future performance

  • NDX & SPX began trading in 2011 on equal footing with a Performance Index of 100.00
  • On 12/30/2016, the NDX Performance Index reached 219.29; SPX reached 178.06
  • Over five years, NDX gained 119% whereas SPX gained 78%
  • Over the past five years, NDX has outperformed SPX by 23%

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