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Nasdaq Precise

Nasdaq Precise, formerly called PrecISE Trade, is an award-winning front-end order and execution management system for trading options and stock options combinations. Using Nasdaq Precise, traders can:

  • Submit, monitor, alter, and cancel orders
  • Display the NBBO and BBO with depth at ISE
  • Display and access the ISE Complex Order Book
  • Route orders to all options exchanges via Nasdaq Execution Services

Nasdaq Precise Supports

  • Simple and Complex Strategy order types
    • Complex orders up to 10 legs, including stock or ETF
  • Crossing for Simple and Complex Orders
  • Buy-Write and Delta Neutral
  • Away Market Routing to target liquidity away from ISE and ISE Gemini
  • Simple and Complex Order Management:
    • OMS Functionality – See related Order Management Functionality Page
    • Reserve Orders
    • Post-entry Order Activation
  • Electronic, direct post-trade allocation
  • Risk Administrator User Type with real-time adjustable Risk Settings:
    • Max order quantity
    • Max day quantity
    • Max order notional value
    • Max day notional value
    • Reject pre-open orders
    • Restricted products list
    • Short Locate Code Required
  • Kill Switch with immediate impact upon activation:
    • Blocks order entry-related requests
    • Deletes open orders
    • Precise can be used to activate Kill Switch for Precise, FIX, or DTI business unit(s).
  • 'Done-Away' Order Management
    • Electronic order and execution management, regardless of execution method or destination
    • Consolidated order management in a single platform
    • Efficient order management when used in conjunction with Parent/Child and Precise to Precise routing functionality
    • A comprehensive audit trail reflected in the Precise Order History Report for compliance and records

Precise Market Data

  • ISE and ISE Gemini BBO
  • ISE Market Depth including Customer Quantity
  • NBBO and Each Exchange BBO for all other exchanges
  • NYSE & Nasdaq underlying data
  • ISE's Spread Order Book
  • Real Time Greeks including Delta, Volatility, Gamma, Vega, Theta & Rho

Precise Advantages

  • User-friendly, customizable interface
  • Supports Member-managed pre-trade risk parameters
  • Allows for consolidated access to order and trade activity for multiple desks, business units and/or sponsored customers using Precise as well as FIX and API applications
  • Supports all ISE and ISE Gemini Exchange functionality
  • Connects via internet or direct connection

Away Market Routing

Nasdaq Precise features Away Market Routing (AMR). Traders can easily route regular orders to all options markets from a single workstation, including:
  • AMEX
  • ARCA
  • BATS
  • BOX
  • BX Options
  • C2
  • CBOE
  • MIAX
  • NOM
  • PHLX
  • EDGX
  • MRX

Order Types Supported:

  • Day
  • Day AON
  • FOK
  • IOC
  • NBBO Sweep
  • Sweep & Cross

Sweep & Cross
Sweep & Cross automatically sends orders to execute against the displayed top of book on all exchanges priced better than the entered cross price, and executes the remainder on ISE or ISE Gemini as a facilitation order. Sweep & Cross adheres to all inter-market linkage rules related to execution of large crosses.


Additional Away Market Routing charges are billed on your ISE or ISE Gemini monthly statement.

AMR Fee$0.00
Post-trade clearing changes$0.00
Exchange fees and rebates will be passed through.

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