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Where tech meets traditional trading — Nasdaq PHLX combines cutting-edge electronic and floor-based trading to deliver a true full service options platform.

Delays in last sale prices can result in missed opportunities and lost profits. In the stock market, timing is everything.

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Industry leaders, cyber experts, and policymakers joined the NCSA & Nasdaq to discuss the latest cybersecurity topics.

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Notices and Reports

News and updates related to Nasdaq CXC and Nasdaq CX2.

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Monthly Reports

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DateMonthly Report
December 2016Nasdaq CXCNasdaq CX2
November 2016Nasdaq CXCNasdaq CX2
October 2016Nasdaq CXCNasdaq CX2
September 2016Nasdaq CXCNasdaq CX2
August 2016Nasdaq CXCNasdaq CX2
July 2016Nasdaq CXCNasdaq CX2
June 2016Nasdaq CXCNasdaq CX2
May 2016Nasdaq CXCNasdaq CX2
April 2016Nasdaq CXCNasdaq CX2
March 2016Nasdaq CXCNasdaq CX2
February 2016Nasdaq CXCNasdaq CX2
January 2016Nasdaq CXCNasdaq CX2
December 2015Nasdaq CXCNasdaq CX2
November 2015Nasdaq CXCNasdaq CX2
October 2015Nasdaq CXCNasdaq CX2
September 2015Nasdaq CXCNasdaq CX2
August 2015Nasdaq CXCNasdaq CX2
July 2015Nasdaq CXCNasdaq CX2
June 2015Nasdaq CXCNasdaq CX2
May 2015Nasdaq CXCNasdaq CX2
April 2015Nasdaq CXCNasdaq CX2
March 2015Nasdaq CXCNasdaq CX2
February 2015Nasdaq CXCNasdaq CX2
January 2015Nasdaq CXCNasdaq CX2
December 2014Nasdaq CXCNasdaq CX2
November 2014Nasdaq CXCNasdaq CX2
October 2014Nasdaq CXCNasdaq CX2
September 2014Nasdaq CXCNasdaq CX2
August 2014Nasdaq CXCNasdaq CX2
July 2014Nasdaq CXCNasdaq CX2
June 2014Nasdaq CXCNasdaq CX2
May 2014Nasdaq CXCNasdaq CX2
April 2014Nasdaq CXCNasdaq CX2
March 2014Nasdaq CXCNasdaq CX2
February 2014Nasdaq CXCNasdaq CX2
January 2014Nasdaq CXCNasdaq CX2
December 2013Nasdaq CXCNasdaq CX2
November 2013Nasdaq CXCNasdaq CX2
October 2013Nasdaq CXCNasdaq CX2
September 2013Nasdaq CXCNasdaq CX2
August 2013Nasdaq CXCNasdaq CX2
July 2013Nasdaq CXC 
June 2013Nasdaq CXC 
May 2013Nasdaq CXC 
April 2013Nasdaq CXC 
March 2013Nasdaq CXC 
February 2013Nasdaq CXC 
January 2013Nasdaq CXC 
December 2012Nasdaq CXC 
November 2012Nasdaq CXC 
October 2012Nasdaq CXC 
September 2012Nasdaq CXC 
August 2012Nasdaq CXC 
July 2012Nasdaq CXC 
June 2012Nasdaq CXC 
May 2012Nasdaq CXC 
April 2012Nasdaq CXC 
March 2012Nasdaq CXC 
February 2012Nasdaq CXC 
January 2012Nasdaq CXC 
December 2011Nasdaq CXC 
November 2011Nasdaq CXC 
October 2011Nasdaq CXC 
September 2011Nasdaq CXC 
August 2011Nasdaq CXC 
July 2011Nasdaq CXC 
June 2011Nasdaq CXC 
May 2011Nasdaq CXC 
April 2011Nasdaq CXC 
March 2011Nasdaq CXC 
February 2011Nasdaq CXC 
January 2011Nasdaq CXC 
December 2010Nasdaq CXC 
November 2010Nasdaq CXC 
October 2010Nasdaq CXC 
September 2010Nasdaq CXC 
August 2010Nasdaq CXC 
July 2010Nasdaq CXC 
June 2010Nasdaq CXC 
May 2010Nasdaq CXC 
April 2010Nasdaq CXC 
March 2010Nasdaq CXC 
February 2010Nasdaq CXC 
January 2010Nasdaq CXC 
December 2009Nasdaq CXC 
November 2009Nasdaq CXC 
October 2009Nasdaq CXC 
September 2009Nasdaq CXC 
August 2009Nasdaq CXC 
July 2009Nasdaq CXC 
June 2009Nasdaq CXC 
May 2009Nasdaq CXC 
April 2009Nasdaq CXC 
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