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EMIR Reporting Obligations

One of the key directives under The European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR) is the obligation to report all derivatives contracts to Trade Repositories (TR).

Nasdaq EMIR Trade Reporting Service 

Nasdaq provides an EMIR Trade Reporting Service that is fully compliant with the reporting obligations under EMIR Article 9 where Nasdaq customers can delegate their reporting of their (and their end clients’) trades to Nasdaq. 

The Nasdaq EMIR Trade Reporting Service Includes 

  • Establishing connectivity with relevant Trade Repositories
  • Reporting of derivatives contracts traded and cleared on Nasdaq’s markets
  • Reporting of OTC derivatives transactions that are not traded or cleared by Nasdaq
  • Different service levels are available making it possible to report even customers’ end clients trades
  • Ability for members to append required data to derivatives transactions for reporting
  • Daily updates to the Trade Repository of collateral and mark-to-market valuations
  • Reporting feedback of submitted reports
  • Nasdaq’s regulatory reporting service extends to include reporting obligations under REMIT for the energy market, since October 2015. Details on this service are found on Nasdaq Commodities. 

Service Interface
The service is provided with a flexible interface where the Customer can select to interact with the service via a provided application or by uploading fixed formatted files. 

The service application is a user friendly desktop application that enables the Customer to perform the following activities: 

  • View status of submitted reports
  • View status of individual reported transactions
  • Search for historical reports
  • Review and confirm Nasdaq generated reports
  • Create new transactions for reporting
  • Export data to external systems 

New transactions may also be uploaded via the application as CSV-files according to preformatted templates. 

For more information
For more information on Nasdaq EMIR Trade Reporting Service please contact your Key Account Manager or

EMIR Trade Reporting with Nasdaq Clearing AB as counterpart 

For those Nasdaq members that intend to manage the reporting themselves, more information on data collection, API information, UTI methodology, back loading and how Nasdaq is reporting, can be found in the EMIR Reporting Handbook. 

  • Nasdaq Clearing AB uses REGIS-TR for its own TR-reporting
  • Nasdaq Clearing AB’s Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) is: 54930002A8LR1AAUCU78

 Further queries on self trade reporting can be directed to

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