Nasdaq Futures, Inc. (NFX) brings a competitive mix of new products, fees, innovative technology, and clearing services designed to meet the needs of ambitious traders.

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Nasdaq Clearing counterparty risks, is professionally managed within Risk Management, through a comprehensive counterparty risk management framework. This consists of policies, procedures, standards, and human, informational and technological resources. All together this provides accurate measurement, reasonable control, and desired level of protection from all identifiable counterparty risks and all operational risks arising within the clearinghouse.
Nasdaq Clearing handles traditional business risks, as well as specific risks unique to the clearing services provided. The most noteworthy of these risks, with respect to the risk of loss, is counterparty default, i.e. the risk that one or several market participants default on their obligations.
Nasdaq Clearing’s margin methodologies are customized and designed specifically for the different asset classes cleared to generate accurate valuation and capital efficient calculations to optimize the use of members’ collateral.
The rules governing when an exchange member, clearing member or customer is considered to be in default, the default process and the default history of the Clearing House.
Nasdaq Clearing maintains guarantee funds or reserve funds to which users contribute and does consequently enforce a loss-sharing scheme among its members.
The Investment Policy stipulates how Nasdaq Clearing is allowed to invest cash collateral contributions and regulatory funds. The Investment Policy establishes a framework for investments and is compliant with the regulations set forth by EMIR and CPSS-IOSCO.
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