SEK 1 trillion

Nasdaq Clearing hits SEK 1 trillion in open interest for interest rates swaps.

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Nasdaq Clearing offers marketplace and clearing services for a broad range of products including derivatives on stocks, indexes, fixed income and commodity instruments. All derivatives are cleared in Nasdaq’s clearing system Genium INET Clearing, an integrated clearing and back-office system. Nasdaq Clearing clears all electronic trades in the above products automatically, as well as OTC trades done outside the regulated market and reported to the clearing house for clearing. 

Nasdaq Clearing provides proprietary tools for accessing the derivatives market. Below you find additional information regarding each of them. 

Nasdaq Clearing also offers access through OMnet API and FIX, as well as a number of independent software vendors (ISV). For more information on this please see Genium INET Technical information page.

Genium INET Trading Workstation

Trading Workstation is a trading tool provided by Nasdaq, as an alternative to third party applications. It provides trading access to the derivatives markets. Included is an integrated reporting function for instruments in standardized series.

Genium INET Clearing Workstation 1 - CW1

Clearing Workstation 1 is one of two user interfaces to access the clearing system, and is a local server installation. It covers all clearing related functionality, including reporting of standardized and tailor-made (flexible) contracts.

Genium INET Clearing Workstation 2 - CW2

Clearing Workstation 2 is a web based version of Clearing Workstation. The application can be configured for the following purposes:

Reporting tool: CW2 serves as a convenient reporting tool covering all contract types (standardized and flexible).

Buy-side tool: CW2 can be made available to the members’ clients whereby confirmation and administrative procedures are simplified.

Clearing tool: Members have the option to use CW2 as an alternative to CW1.

Access to Clearing Workstation 2 - CW2

Collateral Management Web - CMS Web

Nasdaq has developed a web tool where members can overview and manage collateral deposited on custody accounts. Information about balance, earned interest, interest rates and much more can be found on the CMS Web. This is also one of the tools for making callbacks of cash and securities.

Two-Factor Authentication log in to the CMS Web
Log in to the Collateral Management Web - CMS Web
Two-Factor Authentication log in to the CMS Web
Log in to the Collateral Management Web - CMS Web
Access to Clearing Workstation 2 - CW2
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