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Do you know whether your firm is fully compliant with risk and surveillance requirements associated with MiFID II and MAR? Find out more

Risk & Surveillance

MiFID II and MAR are two upcoming regulations that will have a significant impact on market participants from both a risk and surveillance perspective. 

While the official implementation date for MiFID II has been pushed to January 3rd, 2018, the implementation date for MAR is approaching quite quickly, set to come into effect in July of 2016. As requirements for both regulatory initiatives represent a shift in how firms should look at surveillance and risk controls, systems and processes, it is essential that market participants are vetting and employing the proper solutions now, to ensure they are fully able to comply with the risk and surveillance requirements associated with both of these regulations on-time. 

Risk Requirements

MiFID II is requiring firms to have appropriate risk controls in place to manage risk associated with trading activities, forcing them to adapt the way risk is managed on an intra-day basis. Not only must they do this to be compliant with MiFID II, but also to protect their own business and leverage capital wisely. Some of the articles in MiFID II specific to risk requirements include: 

  • Article 16: Organizational requirements
  • Article 17: Algorithmic trading and obligations for clearing members
  • Article 57: Position limits and position management controls in commodity derivatives
  • Articles 69-75: Supervisory powers
The risks of not complying with MiFID II's requirements could affect your organization. Learn from our thought leaders what the risks are and how you can mitigate them.

MiFID II Risk Requirements: Waters Technology Cheat Sheet


MiFID II: Appropriate Risk Controls for GCMs Whitepaper

Surveillance Requirements

In both MAR and MiFID II, regulators have continued the global regulatory trend of providing specific guidelines and requirements around the monitoring for market abuse, and flagging the trading behaviors and indicators that may represent market abuse. As a result, market participants must evaluate their current surveillance strategies and ensure they are well-prepared to comply with these guidelines before they are implemented. 

Is your firm prepared to comply with MiFID II and MAR implementation standards for surveillance?

MAR Cheatsheet for the Buyside


MiFID II Trade Surveillance Requirements: Waters Technology Cheat Sheet


MiFID II Trade Supervision Requirements: Waters Technology Cheat Sheet


View our MiFID II & MAR requirements webcast


Everything you need to know to prepare for MAR Requirement Guidelines

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