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Information about Market Readiness

This page contains an overview of readiness activities to be expected prior to the application of MiFID II and MiFIR.

Potential Market Readiness Activities

MiFID II will introduce several new requirements for members and participants of Trading Venues. In turn these requirements will trigger a number of preparatory activities prior to implementation as well as routines and procedures that will need to be performed continuously or periodically.

The implementation of new MiFID II related system functionalities is expected to occur throughout 2017 and a number of these readiness activities will be associated with required system updates.

In addition, there will be other mandatory member readiness activities required by MiFID II and these activities are also expected to occur in 2017. Below is a preliminary list of such potential activities.

It should be noted that the information herein is not intended to be comprehensive or to provide legal advice on any matter and some of these activities are based on unofficial standards. Consequently the information below is subject to change. Additionally, this list is based on requirements placed on Trading Venues and is not an exhaustive list of requirements placed on Investment Firms.

In time Nasdaq intends to provide detailed information on the implementation of these readiness activities.

Member Testing ActivitiesRTSAsset Class(es) impactedFrequency
Mandatory conformance testing of all order entry protocols (OUCH/FIX on INET, OMnet/FIX on Genium INET)RTS 7 art 9, RTS 24All trading venue members, sponsored access participants and ISVs.Prior to implementation and subsequently, prior to deployment or update to member’s access to TV or of the member’s trading system
Coordination and testing support of changes to market data protocols (ITCH/GCF for INET, OMnet/GCF for Genium INET)N/AExchange members, market data vendors and ISVsPrior to implementation
Testing and configuration of transaction reporting for all non-EEA members and members that are not subject to MiFIRRTS 22All trading venue members not subject to MiFIRPrior to implementation
Potential testing and upload/registration of pre- or post-trade enriched customer dataRTS 24All trading venue membersPrior to implementation
Testing of commodities position reportingCommodities participantsPrior to implementation
Testing of OTC Trade Reporting (APA)APA clientsPrior to implementation
Member Certification and Data Collection ActivitiesRTSAsset Class(es) impactedFrequency
Confirmation of investment firm statusRTS 7, art 7, §3All trading venue membersPrior to implementation and annually
Confirmation from members if they are subject to MiFIR, for determination of transaction reporting obligation. Members that are not subject to MiFIR will need to conduct testing and submit details for transaction reporting to the trading venue.MiFIR art 26 § 5, RTS 22All trading venue membersPrior to implementation and annually
Due Diligence self-certification of compliance with the rules of the trading venues.RTS 7, art 7All trading venue membersPrior to implementation and annually
Members self-certification that algorithms have been tested against disorderly trading and means of testingRTS 7, art 10All members engaged in algorithmic tradingPrior to implementation and subsequently, prior to deployment or substantial update of a trading algorithm or trading strategy
Collection of LEIRTS 22, 23, 24All trading venue participants and issuers of listed securitiesPrior to implementation and annual verification
Other ActivitiesRTSAsset Class(es) impactedFrequency
Review of Market Maker programRTS 8All trading venue participants with Market Maker agreements, in all asset classesPrior to implementation and on an ongoing basis
DISCLAIMER: All information contained herein is obtained by Nasdaq from sources believed to be accurate and reliable. However, the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive and Regulation and related level 2 and level 3 texts (“MiFID II/R”) have not yet been fully adopted and/or implemented. Neither Nasdaq Nordic Exchanges nor any of its affiliates or subsidiaries (collectively “Nasdaq”) assumes any responsibility for any errors or omission contained herein. The information herein is not intended to provide legal advice on any matter, nor is it intended to be comprehensive. All information is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind. While the information has been prepared on the basis of the best information available, Nasdaq accepts no liability for decisions taken by any party, based on this information.


Nasdaq has deployed a member portal to make member specific information easily available and to facilitate interactivity with members.

The Nasdaq Member Portal will provide customer specific services related to memberships, users, traders, accounts, ports and configuration. The services will be available to members and other customers of Nasdaq.


Simplicity and Control

Watch the video and click the button to read more about the Nasdaq Member Portal.
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MiFID II Activities

As MiFID II will require Trading Venues to periodically collect information about Members and other market participants, Nasdaq will use the Member Portal to facilitate the automation of the collection of MiFID II required information: 

  • Short code management of client and personal data 
  • Registration of LEI 
  • MiFID Investment firm status 
  • Algorithm certification 
  • Annual member due diligence 
  • Non-financial entity with risk reducing exemption status (Commodities only)

There will be ample time provided in 2017 for all members and market participants to complete required activities related to the member portal prior to the MiFID II implementation deadline. In time, the utilization of the member portal will become mandatory for members as it will be a part of the MiFID II information collection effort.

Register Now!

At this time, all member firms should register for the Nasdaq Member Portal to start benefiting from its current features:

  • Submit and track online request forms
  • Control user rights for multiple memberships
  • Manage INET and Genium INET connections
  • Verify technical configurations
  • View member specific data and participant configurations
  • Register and de-register authorized exchange traders
  • View list of traders

For any questions about MiFID II member readiness, please contact your Key Account Managers or alternatively, our MiFID II teams:
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