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Implementation of 2FA to Nasdaq web applications

In order to streamline the login procedure, Nasdaq has implemented 2FA (two-factor authentication) to the following web-based applications: CMS Web, TRACK, NFM and Q-Port. Additional web applications will follow at a later stage. 

The 2FA solution used is provided by SafeNet and can be used on smartphones, tablets or computers. Once 2FA implementation is completed, users will be authenticated with username, password and a one-time passcode generated by the SafeNet MobilePASS app.

Preparatory Steps

The following preparatory steps are recommended before the 2FA installation starts:

  1. Identify the system Administrator(s) within your company
  2. Identify the system users within your company
  3. System Administrator(s) should inform all the system users of the upcoming change and the installation process
  4. Administrator needs to ensure that all user accounts are individual. All potentially shared accounts need to be changed or removed. With the new 2FA Single Sign-On solution, the use of shared email address will be strongly discouraged. 
    • NOTE: Only use e-mail addresses that are being owned by you as a member, do not use shared or generic email addresses such as or
  5. Decide which device should be used for each user, and prepare these for the MobilePASS app/software and token installation:
    • Smartphones/Tablets (recommended option) – Download the app SafeNet MobilePASS from Apple App Store, Blackberry AppWorld or the Android Play Store
    • Desktop computers – Download the applicable SafeNet MobilePASS from SafeNet's webpage


  • Before downloading any app/software, consult with your IT-department for the internal company policies that may apply!
  • The initial installation of MobilePASS app/software requires local administrative privileges. If the end user is not allowed to download the app/software, make it available on the verified platform. After the installation has been completed, the usage of the app does not require administrative privileges.
  • After the MobilePASS app/software has been successfully installed, the token required for the completion of installation will be provided by Nasdaq only if you have a valid user account in the system in question.

Enrollment Procedure

New users will be directed to the enrollment procedure when attempting to log in for the first time. See 2FA Installation Guide for Q-Port document for further information.

  • Before downloading any app/software, consult with your IT-department for the internal company policies that may apply!

After the token enrollment has been completed, CMS Web/TRACK/NFM/Q-Port will be accessed via "Two-Factor Authentication" login window, by providing your User Name, 2FA-Password set during enrollment process, and your Passcode generated by your SafeNet MobilePASS app.

Contact Us

Questions regarding 2FA, enrollment or login issues:
+46 8 405 6280

Questions regarding CMS Web or Q-Port accounts:
+46 8 405 6660

Questions regarding TRACK or NFM accounts:
+46 8 405 7400

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