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Nasdaq Fund Network

Increase Product Transparency with a Unique Symbol & Distribution

Nasdaq Fund Network (NFN) lists and distributes performance data for 35,000-plus investable products to one million plus investors on a daily basis. Product issuers and asset managers benefit from an automated service that helps bring more awareness to and gather assets for new and existing products. And, institutional and retail investors, and the general investing public benefit from daily access to transparent fund-level data for a wide range of products to help inform investment decisions.

Shareholders of Cole Income NAV, the first daily-traded REIT that qualified for a Nasdaq ticker symbol and the first to be listed in the Alternative Investment Product category, have been able to efficiently access daily pricing information, and they will continue to obtain accurate data on the expanded Nasdaq Fund Network.
Bill Miller, President and CEO of CCO Capital, LLC

NFN originally launched in 1984 under the brand ‘Mutual Fund Quotation Service’. For approximately 34 years, it has been instrumental in helping product issuers and new markets gain popularity with investors in a transparent manner. While the name has changed, our value has not. NFN delivers the same market-tested services to List, Position, and Distribute products, helping asset managers and issuers grow assets.


NFN supports a diversified pool of U.S. and International investment products. Support for CITs, Hedge Funds, SMA/UMA, and Separate Accounts recently launched in Q2 2018.

Full Coverage:

  • Collective Investment Trust (CIT) 
  • Hedge Funds 
  • Managed Accounts (SMA and UMA)
  • Separate Accounts 
  • NextShares Exchange Traded Managed Funds 
  • Mutual Funds 
  • Money Market Funds 
  • Unit Investment Trusts 
  • Annuities 
  • Structured Products 
  • Alternative Investment Products: Non-Traded REITs | Private Equity Offerings


The financial community receives daily updates from the Nasdaq Fund Network. It allows companies to distribute performance data for U.S. and International products to one of the largest distribution channels which pipes into online brokerages and ISPs, as well as major market data vendors like Bloomberg, Google, CNBC, Lipper Analytics, E*Trade, Thomson Reuters, and Fidelity.

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