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U.S. Fixed Income

Nasdaq Fixed Income Technology Migration

Faster. Simpler. More Transparent.

We realize that technology migrations are a big commitment for your organization and we thank you and your team for your efforts. Your support during this migration is part of our commitment to reimagining the future of Nasdaq Treasuries trading and helping our clients build tomorrow’s markets

Migration Calendar

Check the calendar below for key Nasdaq Fixed Income migration dates:
Topic Timeline Comments/Status
Initial Client (Draft) Specifications (FIX, OUCH & ITCH) April 10, 2018 Completed
Final Client Specifications May 31, 2018 Completed
QA (Internal/NFI testing) June 29, 2018 Completed
Initial Client Test Environment (NTF) July 23, 2018 Completed
Test Environment (NTF) August 20, 2018 Completed & Available
Production/Go Live October 29, 2018 Planned

We are confident that once the Nasdaq Fixed Income trading platform migration is completed, you will experience:

  • High performance/low latency core Matching Engine based on Nasdaq Financial Framework (NFF)
  • Seamless connectivity from ITCH market data and OUCH order entry protocol
  • Simplified vendor connectivity and algorithmic routing
  • Support of complex order types including standard combinations, implied pricing, and linked orders
  • Opportunities for a more transparent, cost efficient and expanded trading environment.
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