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Solutions for the Buy-Side

Accelerate Opportunities with our Partnership

The challenges that buy-side firms face in successfully identifying and protecting assets have not changed all that much– but, they have grown more complex. From regulatory considerations to leveraging disruptive technologies, firms need a partner that can help effectively look after their workflow and investors.

Nasdaq offers customized solutions that help firms of all sizes successfully compete for, build and retain assets. From fair and transparent markets, passive products and trading services, to alternative data, investment analytics and surveillance— our solutions are market tested and trusted.

Partner with us to turn the challenges impacting your business into opportunities that you can accelerate, today and in the years ahead.

Featured Solutions


Access alpha-generating datasets and unique insights from undiscovered data, from non-traditional publishers. The data is sourced, evaluated and productized into quantified, actionable intelligence for select institutional clients.

Insider Trading

What do buy-side firms need to take into account when monitoring for insider trading? Find out what your firm needs to know, including a full list of surveillance recommendations, in Nasdaq’s whitepaper.

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eVestment >

Makes fund data, representing $35.7 trillion in AUM/AUA, searchable by consultants and asset owners.

Quandl >

Access alpha-generating datasets and unique insights from undiscovered data, from non-traditional publishers

Nasdaq Fund Network >

Disseminates daily valuation data for money market funds, mutual funds and UITs to one million-plus investors.

Nasdaq Dorsey Wright >

Comprehensive research, from broad market insights and investment models to custom rankings for securities, ETFs, Indexes and Mutual Funds.

Nasdaq Dorsey Wright >

Portfolio of strategies that are available today as separately managed accounts that seek to capitalize on long-term trends.

Passive Products >

Benchmark performance against a well-known or custom index, from our family of 45,000-plus indexes.

Nasdaq Crosses >

The Nasdaq Opening and Closing Crosses are proven, critical liquidity events that facilitate daily liquidity formation.

Nasdaq M-ELO >

New order type that is designed to attract and unite counterparties with longer-term investment horizons.

Equity Surveillance >

Stay informed with detailed data and analysis about the latest activity of your institutional shareholder base, understand the performance of your sector or stock, and ensure you’re prepared to answer management’s questions.

Nasdaq ESG >

Provides raw environmental, social and corporate governance data directly from the issuer.

Fair Investor Allocation >

Provides measurable evidence of best executions and allocations for every client helping demonstrate fair treatment of all investors.

Market Access >

Operate 25 markets, offering trading and market services across multiple asset classes and geographies.

Nasdaq Boardvantage >

Enterprise Governance Software for Boards and Leadership Teams.

Revitalize Public Markets >

Our blueprint to apply the best aspects of the private markets, to the public markets.

Personal Account
Monitoring >

Leverages behavioral analytics to identify suspicious employee personal trading activities before it becomes abusive.

Private Liquidity Solutions >

Nasdaq Private Market is a leading provider of liquidity solutions for today’s private securities.

Surveillance >

Deploys behavioral profiling algorithms to more efficiently and accurately detect instances of market abuse and market manipulation.

Trading Platforms >

Provide fair and efficient access to liquidity around the globe and across multiple asset classes.

Nasdaq Insights

The Business Case for Alternative Data >

Numbers tell a story. Investors around the world are using new categories of information to understand the stocks, options, and bonds they buy. In December, we acquired Quandl, a company that has spent the last six years making financial and alternative data easily accessible for investors.

Institutional Stock Ownership >

Our latest stock ownership report represents an aggregate view of how institutional investment managers are maintaining and changing their portfolios through Q2 2018. This report examines portfolio data submitted to eVestment during Q2 2018.

Buy-Side, Identify Front-Running >

It could take fund managers an entire day – or even several days – to execute large orders. Someone in the firm who knows a large order is about to be executed could potentially use that information for their own personal gain through front-running or tailgating.

The Nasdaq-100: Different Ways to Invest >

The Nasdaq-100 Index (NDX) has entrenched itself as a premier large-cap growth index. Buttressed by technology companies that have flourished in the internet age, the Nasdaq-100 has generated incredible gains since its inception in 1985. Here are different ways to invest.

Nasdaq Sustainability Series >

Nasdaq's Sustainability Series is an ongoing conversation with organizations and companies working in sustainability, corporate responsibility and volunteerism.
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