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Adena Friedman

“At this moment in financial services, the need for technology is increasing at a breathless pace, for if you ask about the state of our industry today, the answer is that we are in the midst of a revolution.”

- Adena Friedman, President and CEO, Nasdaq

At Nasdaq, we, too, understand the desire and need to innovate. In 1971, Nasdaq launched the 1st electronic trading platform, transforming exchanges from a physical trading floor to a distributed network of traders digitally connected and executing trades instantaneously.

Notable Milestones

As pioneers in the technology space, we helped open doors for the Fintech revolution that continues to transform our world today.


Nasdaq helps fuel Fintech growth by offering accurate and cost-effective data solutions to startups and established firms. We are committed to providing a comprehensive suite of data products that enables growth-minded customers to thrive in their early stages. Our flexible and customizable options include historical and real-time equity data to power stock tickers, time/price graphs, trading apps and more.

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Nasdaq Private Market Acquires SecondMarket >

Nasdaq Private Market (NPM) has acquired SecondMarket® Solutions, Inc., a recognized innovator in facilitating liquidity for private company securities. SecondMarket will be integrated into Nasdaq Private Market, serving customers worldwide with bicoastal headquarters in New York and San Francisco.

"As companies extend their pre-IPO lives, they face increasing pressure to provide liquidity to employees and early investors," said Bill Siegel, CEO of SecondMarket. "Our combined offering strives to give private companies a comprehensive, company-controlled solution to attract and retain talent, while also providing tools to effectively manage their equity ownership and secondary liquidity for their employees and shareholders."

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#FintechRevolution API Ecosystem >

Nasdaq is proud to partner with leading fintech firms to be a part of the new #fintech API Ecosystem, an industry-wide initiative that connects fintech developers with best-of-breed financial APIs. The goal of the initiative is to inspire a new generation of financial applications by assembling the best APIs in each market category.

As a Data API provider, we’re always looking for ways to partner within the ecosystem to help companies grow by providing accurate market data via flexible, customizable and affordable feeds. Read the press release for full details or contact us directly.

Nasdaq Basic >
Provides Best Bid and Offer and Last Sale information for all U.S. exchange-listed securities based on liquidity within the Nasdaq market center, as well as trades reported to the FINRA/Nasdaq Trade Reporting FacilityTM (TRFTM).

Nasdaq Last Sale >
Provides real-time intraday last sale data for all securities traded in Nasdaq systems and the FINRA/NASDAQ Trade Reporting FacilityTM (TRFTM).

Nasdaq Data-on-Demand >

Nasdaq Data-on-Demand (DoD) - A cloud-based computing solution that provides easy and flexible access to large amounts of high quality and reliable historical Level 1 (tick) data for Nasdaq- , NYSE- and other regional-listed securities. As DoD is a technology agnostic and open platform, customers can code in any language to retrieve the data. DoD allows users to:

  • Automate back testing of trading algorithms or validate internal data without committing to storing huge amounts of data locally.
  • Build front-end applications that are integrated into trading applications.
  • Create an outsourced backup data solution.

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