C Disruptor 50

CNBC Disruptor 50

Sponsored by Nasdaq, the 3rd annual CNBC Disruptor 50 list is an array of forward-thinking, innovative, ambitious companies with business models and technology that are disrupting marketplaces, industries, and mega brands.
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Sponsored exclusively by Nasdaq, the third annual CNBC Disruptor 50 list includes an array of forward-thinking, innovative, ambitious companies utilizing fresh ideas that are disrupting marketplaces, industries, and mega brands.

This year's CNBC Disruptor 50 is populated by private companies with venture-capital backing in 16 industries. Each of these engines of entrepreneurialism represents transformative technologies and business models for industries like aerospace, retail, health care, financial services, and cyber security.

The list below represents the 50 companies selected by CNBC via their refined methodology.
CNBC Disruptors 
Company Description
1.   Moderna TherapeuticsReprogramming cells to fight disease.
2.   SpaceXElon Musk's mission to Mars.
3.   Bloom EnergyLive off the grid; keep the lights on.
4.   UberA $50 billion on-demand ride.
5.   AirbnbThe newest idea in room service: Renting one.
6.   DropboxSaving a billion files every day.
7.   Palantir TechHelped find Bin Laden. Don't like to talk about it.
8.   TransferWiseGetting bankers out of the forex biz.
9.   SlackGiving "slacker" a whole new meaning.
10. Warby ParkerTaking on the Luxottica eyewear machine.
11. HouzzIf you rebuild it ...
12. LISNRUsing sound to make waves in the app world.
13. DocuSignRead their lips: No new faxes.
14. SurveyMonkeyQuestions for everyone.
15. QuirkyCrowdsourcing an idea for basement tinkerers.
16. Pure StoragePredicting a flash flood of data.
17. OscarHealth insurance for the Obamacare era.
18. Personal CapitalA 360-degree view of your finances.
19. BlipparAn augmented reality check for your smartphone.
20. GitHubCracking the code on collaboration.
21. SynackThe white-hat army.
22. GENBANDDisrupting telecom by helping the disrupted.
23. Motif InvestingBuilding theme-based portfolios online.
24. Hampton CreekThe egg comes first; no chicken necessary.
25. SoFiTrying to ease the student-debt crisis.
26. ZenPayrollChanging the way we get paid.
27. MongoDBSolving humongous data problems.
28. Rent the RunwayNice dress. Can I borrow it?
29. Intarcia TherapeuticsA better way to treat diabetes.
30. HackerRankHelping nerds get hired.
31. CoinbaseThe closest thing bitcoin has to a central bank.
32. SugarCRMBuilding a better Salesforce.
33. KlarnaNo cart left behind.
34. WealthfrontSilicon Valley’s plan to oust wealth managers.
35. PinterestThe world's bulletin board.
36. BettermentRobo-advising for the masses.
37. Dollar Shave ClubDisrupting the cutting edge.
38. OptoroOn a mission to turn trash into treasure.
39. Hearsay SocialTeaching Wall Street to tweet.
40. SquareSaying good-bye to "cash only."
41. TwilioA stealth giant tapping into telecom’s mobile moment.
42. Impossible FoodsIntroducing the meatless, cheeseless cheeseburger.
43. BirchboxFree samples, for a price.
44. NutanixBreaking companies out of their IT handcuffs.
45. DraftKingsFantasy sports without the real-life commitment.
46. Narrative ScienceHere come the robo-writers.
47. SpotifyThe most controversial act in music.
48. QuboleBig-data turnkey service with a smile.
49. NextdoorA social network for neighborhoods.
50. SnapchatThe app for selfie photo lovers.

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