Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability

Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability

Nasdaq strongly believes in the virtues of corporate responsibility and issues that affect our local communities, the environment, and education.
Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability

Nasdaq's Sustainability Focus

As the world's first electronic exchange, Nasdaq was a pioneer in the sustainability space. Leveraging technology to produce a more efficient market reduced the resource burden, with untold benefits for the earth and its people. Our listed companies have a long and rich tradition of innovation, sustainability, and dedication to environmental causes.

Nasdaq Leads the Way

Nasdaq has always been a believer in the virtues of sustainability. We were practicing corporate sustainability – in many different places and in many different ways – long before the term became so prevalent and fashionable. Efficiency and transparency formed the foundation of our brand 40 years ago, and they still drive our decision-making every day. 

Key Sustainability Highlights
Research and publication of a substantive new Corporate Sustainability report, following the GRI standard and content index. You can download a free PDF version of the Nasdaq report here.
BWise (our enterprise governance, risk management, and compliance software tool) announced the inclusion of Sustainability Performance Management as part of its suite of products, making information gathering for sustainability reports a breeze. Bwise also organized, in conjunction with the Harvard Business School, an online training program for corporate executives that want to be at the forefront of Integrated Reporting.
Completion of the first substantive energy and water usage audit of all global facilities.
Significantly enhanced reporting to the Carbon Disclosure Project.
Nasdaq was accepted into the United Nations Global Compact.
Through the Sustainable Stock Exchanges Initiative, Nasdaq entered into a historic agreement with other key exchanges to develop and promote sustainability guidelines.
Via the World Federation of Exchanges, Nasdaq promoted sustainability dialogue and consensus with other stock markets and exchanges.
Major infrastructure improvements, including an increasing number of LEED and other environmental certifications for our global offices.
Nasdaq Helsinki was the first exchange to receive a WWF Green Office diploma, and one of the first in the world to go carbon neutral. It has continued to maintain its carbon neutral status.
Regular assistance of listed companies in ESG and CR matters, helping them better handle sustainability as an aspect of their own operation.
Key partnerships with advocacy groups, non-governmental organizations and economists in the last three years to better understand the interplay of sustainability metrics and market dynamics.
As we look ahead, we will continue to work with our customers, stakeholders, investors, and exchange peers to promote sustainable business practices.
We educate investors, market professionals, and the general public about responsible investment strategy and sustainable capital formation. We leverage the power of our organization—through advocacy, oversight, and philanthropy—to engage with stakeholders at all levels.
We acknowledge the scarcity of limited resources by managing materials in a responsible and thoughtful manner. This ensures our survival as a company, as well as the preservation of this planet for the business opportunities of tomorrow.


Nasdaq emphasizes the core values of integrity, trust, and responsibility in our brand, our products, and our people. We create a work environment that rewards ethical behavior, supporting employees who put these ideals into practice. We are transparent and forthright in all aspects of our business.
The mission of the Nasdaq Educational Foundation, Inc. is to promote and provide opportunities through collaborations and initiatives that support and deliver innovative educational programs and charitable activities supportive of Nasdaq’s Mission.
The Nasdaq Nordic Foundation was created in 2005. The foundation's mission is to promote scientific research and other initiatives of the financial markets in Finland, Denmark and Sweden.
Learn more about global corporate responsibility and sustainability events.
Nasdaq has a variety of products and service solutions that are geared to support a company's work in maintaining and enhancing their ability to be both responsible and sustainable.
Learn more about Nasdaq's involvement in corporate responsibility and sustainability via media and  social coverage.
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