Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability

Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability

Nasdaq strongly believes in the virtues of corporate responsibility and issues that affect our local communities, the environment, and education.


Good Ethics is Good Business 

Nasdaq’s mission can be realized only if we advance and adhere to the highest of ethical principles in all our day-to-day dealings. As a global organization with diverse self-regulatory responsibilities and a critical role on the world’s economic stage, we have heightened reasons for insisting upon ethical conduct. Our business, by its nature, depends upon the confidence we instill in investors and our regulators. It also depends upon employees and vendors who trust they will be treated fairly; shareholders who rely on the integrity of our operations; and listed companies and member firms who expect that our reputation will enhance their own. 

Following a Code 

All Nasdaq employees follow a rigorous Code of Ethics, which articulates our dedication and commitment to the highest ethical conduct in all of our dealings. Employees are required to "certify" the Code of Ethics and follow a number of local rules and requirements, depending on their region, legal company of employment, and position within the organization. We all share an obligation to report Code violations or other behavior that may be illegal, inappropriate, or unethical. 

Nasdaq Corporate Responsibility Guidelines
Global Corporate Regulatory Policies
Antitrust and Unfair Trade Practices Policy
Document Retention Policy
Policy on International Business Conduct
Policy on the Responsibilities of a Self-Regulatory Organization
Employee Handbook
Global Corporate General Policies
Corporate Travel Policy
Employee Reimbursement Policy
Global Trading Policies
Trading Policy for Officers and Directors
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