Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability

Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability

Nasdaq strongly believes in the virtues of corporate responsibility and issues that affect our local communities, the environment, and education.

Foundation Research Paper Archives

Research ReportAuthor or Researcher

Equity Premium in Finland and Long-Term Performance of the Finnish Equity and Money MarketsPeter Nyberg & Mika Vaihekoski
Descriptive Analysis of the Finnish Stock Market: Part IIPeter Nyberg & Mika Vaihekoski
Sovereign Credit Default Swap PremiaPatrick Augustin
Real Economic Shocks and Sovereign Credit RiskPatrick Augustin and Romeo Tendongap
Research ReportAuthor or Researcher

Pricing and Hedging Quanto Options in Energy MarketsFred Espen Benth, Nina Lange and Tor Åge Myklebust
Credit Ratings and Security DesignJens Josephson and Joel Shapiro
Cross-Country Analysis of Herding Behavior: Evidence from Nordic, Continental & Central European CountriesAsma Mobarek
Economic Consequences of SFAS 142 Goodwill Write-offsHenry Jarva
Capital Gains Overhang, Market States and MomentumTuomo Haapalainen
Equity Premium in Finland and Long-term Performance of the Finnish Equity and Money MarketsPeter Nyberg & Mika Vaihekoski
Trading and Under-DiversificationAnders Anderson
Stock Exchange Mergers and Return Co-movement: A Flexible Dynamic Component Correlations ModelJörgen Hellström, Yuna Liu and Tomas Sjögren
Time-Varying Return Predictability and Equity Market FragmentationJörgen Hellstöm, Yuna Liu and Tomas Sjögren
Stock Exchange Mergers and Weak-form Market Effinciency: Evidence from the OMX Nordic & Baltic consolidationJörgen Hellstöm, Yuna Liu and Tomas Sjögren
Research ReportAuthor or Researcher

Squeezed Everywhere: Can We Learn Something New from the CSD-Bond Basis?Patrick Augustin
Mutual Fund and Share Ownership in FinlandSamuli Knupfer et al
The Structure of the Global Market for OTC DerivativesThomas Ordeberg
Investor Protection Regulation and Information in Capital MarketsChristopher von Koch et al
Has the Introduction of IFRS Improved Accounting Quality?Andreas Jansson et al
Beauty Contest in Financial MarketsJukka Ilomäki
Investor Inattention: A Hidden Cost of Choice in Pension Plans?Magnus Dalquist and José Vicente Martinez
Research ReportAuthor or Researcher

Auditor´s Gender and Audit FeesKim Ittonen and Emilia Peni
Female Executives and Earnings ManagementEmilia Peni and Sami Vähämaa
Global Stock Market Integration & the Determinants of Co-movements: Evidence from Developed & Emerging CountriesAsma Mobarek
Stock Returns and Macro Risks: Evidence from FinlandNader Shahzad Virk
Direct Company External Equity Listing Costs on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm and HelsinkiTomi Pajarinen
The Equity Risk Premium on the Swedish Stock MarketTomas Sörensson
The Price Impact of Open Market Share RepurchasesJonas Råsbrant
The Information Content of IFRS Versus Domestic Accounting Standards: Evidence from FinlandHenry Jarva and Anna-Maija Lantto
Contagion in Financial Markets during Current Financial CrisisSabur Mollah
Individual Investor Activity and PerformanceMagnus Dahlquist, José Vicente Martinez and Paul Söderlind
Research ReportAuthor or Researcher

Direct Evidence of Dividend Tax ClientelesMagnus Dahlquist, Göran Robertsson and Kristian Rydqvist
Quantile Regression Analysis of Asymmetric Return - Volatility RelationIhsan Ullah Badshah
Enhancement of Value Portfolio Performance Using Data Development AnalysisTimo Leivo, Eero J. Pätäri and J.V. Samuli Honkapuro
Research ReportAuthor or Researcher

The Market Liquidity Impact of Repurchase TradingAdri De Ridder and Jonas Råsbrant
GloStra (Financial Market and Investor Studies)Jaakko Aspara
Essays on the Behaviour of Finish Retail Investors in the Stock MarketMika Pirneskoski
Females and Corporate GovernanceSami Vähämaa
Audit Partner Specialization and Audit FeesMikko Zerni
Do Female Auditors Constrain Earnings ManagementKim Ittonen, Emilia Peni and Sami Vähämaa
Institutional Holdings and Stock PricesAdri De Ridder
Short-term Expectations in Listed Firms: The Mitigating Impact of Large OwnersTor Brunzell, Eva Liljeblom and Mika Vaihekoski
Trading in Financial MarketsAnders Anderson
Underlying Mechanisms and Implications for Individual InvestorsMirjam Lehenkari and Jukka Perttunen
The Use of Derivatives in Nordic FirmsTor Brunzell Mats Hansson and Eva Liljeblom
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