Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability

Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability

Nasdaq strongly believes in the virtues of corporate responsibility and issues that affect our local communities, the environment, and education.

Sustainability Products & Services

Nasdaq has a variety of products and service solutions that are geared to support a company's work in maintaining and enhancing their ability to be both responsible and sustainable.
Sustainability Products & Services Offered by Nasdaq
Green Indexes >

NASDAQ was the first indexer to offer a complete family of indexes tracking the growing environmental and clean-energy sector, also known as the Green Economy. The ability to benchmark green and sustainable companies in a clear and comprehensive manner provides investors the opportunity to participate in the future growth of this critical sector. 

  • NASDAQ Green Economy Global Benchmark Index measures stock performance in areas such as energy efficiency, renewable energy generation, pollution mitigation and advanced materials, providing a global benchmark for institutional and retail investors. 
  • NASDAQ CRD Global Sustainability Index is made up of companies that have taken a leadership role in disclosing their carbon footprint, energy usage, water consumption, hazardous and non-hazardous waste, employee safety, workforce diversity, management composition and community investing.
  • NASDAQ Carbon Index Series is comprised of European Union Allowances (EUA) and Certified Emission Reduction (CER) futures contracts traded at the European Climate Exchange (ECX), the European Energy Exchange (EEX) and Nord Pool.
BWise -- Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance >

BWise provides a leading enterprise governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) software solution that provides the assurance that you are in control on all financial and reputational risks. 

BWise offers an integrated, efficient and cost-saving approach based on process management principles. It provides transparency and puts you in control as you manage key organizational risks—including the risk of non-compliance. 

Board Portal -- Board Workflow and Communications >

Directors Desk streamlines board workflow and communications, saving time and money by cutting costs involved in printing, binding, and mailing board packets.

Directors Desk streamlines the sharing of mission-critical information via the web or tablet apps—so your decision-makers have everything they need, anytime they need it, anywhere they go. With Directors Desk, board members and meetings are more productive. Corporate secretaries can organize and assemble board books in minutes instead of hours. 

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