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The leadership team and the business unit senior vice presidents work collectively to bolster Nasdaq as a leading provider of trading, exchange technology, listing, information and public company services across six continents.

Stacie Swanstrom

Stacie Swanstrom December 2015

Stacie Swanstrom is Executive Vice President, Corporate Solutions at Nasdaq. In this role, Ms. Swanstrom oversees the strategic direction of Nasdaq Corporate Solutions’ unique product offering of market intelligence, communications, workflow and collaboration solutions for corporate executives and boards, which support the investor relations, corporate communications and corporate governance functions to over 18,000 customers globally.

Previously, Ms. Swanstrom managed a successful portfolio of software and connectivity solutions for Nasdaq's Global Trading and Market Services business. She led the strategic development of the Nasdaq Workstation, IPO Indicator tool and Nasdaq's Compliance Tools and managed Nasdaq’s Co-Location and Trade Reporting Facility. Ms. Swanstrom has more than 20 years of industry experience and has held various leadership roles at Nasdaq including Product Development, Global Marketing, and Human Resources.

Ms. Swanstrom holds a Bachelor of Science in Business with a concentration in Marketing from Towson University.

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