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Nasdaq's Story

The Nasdaq of today is the result of a carefully orchestrated plan to diversify our business model. Our transformation was driven by our ability to create opportunities in areas adjacent to our core businesses--many of which are non-transaction based and rooted in innovative technology.

A Powerful Model

Building on our capital markets experience, technological expertise, and clear understanding of our client's needs, we've increased and diversified our product and service offerings to fully serve our customers.

Nasdaq's Powerful Model: Fueling Ambition

A Unique Value Proposition

Our businesses also provide capital-markets infrastructure services to industry players, allowing us to: 

  • Develop efficient and reliable technologies that orchestrate and facilitate capital markets activity. 
  • Manage the complexities and costs of business on a global scale. 
  • Provide data, tools and insights that drive sound decision making.

A Focus on Client Needs Throughout the Marketplace

Brokers and Traders -- Helping brokers and traders to confidently plan, optimize and execute their business vision.
Market Participants -- Enabling market participants to monitor and capitalize on real-time market changes.
Listed Companies -- Promoting the capital health of our listed companies
Private Companies -- Working with private companies to meet liquidity needs, manage relationships with long-term institutional investors and oversee their entire equity program.
Market Infrastructure Players -- Assisting market infrastructure players (exchanges, regulators, clearinghouses, and Central Securities Depositories (CSDs)) in increasing efficiency, meeting customer needs & growing revenue.
Capital-Markets -- Delivering efficiencies through economies of scale (cost, speed, connectivity) to all members of the capital-markets ecosystem.
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