Nasdaq Financial Framework

Organization Specific Set-up

Additional Capabilities

External Functionality Blockchain Machine Intelligence

Nasdaq-built Applications

Matching Engine

The most widely-used matching engine in the world, supporting multiple asset classes and providing extensive functionality.

Learn more about the Matching Engine

Nasdaq-built Applications

Multi Matching Engine

Supports high volume, high velocity markets across asset classes, but has specialized functionality around derivatives trading.

Learn more about the Multi Matching Engine

Nasdaq-built Applications

Fixed Income Matching Engine

A specialized matching engine for fixed income markets.

Learn more about the Fixed Income Matching Engine

Nasdaq-built Applications

Hybrid Matching Engine

Dedicated matching engine that supports OTC style trading and specializes in RFQ, negotiations and discretionary trading functions.

Learn more about the Hybrid Matching Engine

Nasdaq-built Applications

Algo Engine

Learn more about the Algo Engine

Nasdaq-built Applications

Pre-trade Risk Management

Real-time, multi-tiered risk solution that integrates pre-, at- and on-trade risk management and enables placement of risk checks in whichever location will work best with the market’s business strategy: pre-trade, at the match or post-trade.

Learn more about the Pre-trade Risk Management

Nasdaq-built Applications

Market Surveillance

Industry benchmark for real-time and T+1 market surveillance, supervision and compliance, used by 43 Marketplaces & 13 Regulators globally.

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Nasdaq-built Applications

Index Calculator

Robust index engine enabling marketplaces to calculate and administer their own bespoke indexes. Enables index calculations to be completed in-house.

Learn more about the Index Calculator

Nasdaq-built Applications


API-independent testing solution offering manual and automated test tools that features easy-to-use testing tools, visualizations, reporting and replay capabilities that simplify the creation and execution scenarios, making it easy for non-technical users to evaluate new business functionality.

Learn more about the Validator

Nasdaq-built Applications


Enables visualization of any data that is connected to the Nasdaq Core providing the ability to correlate multiple data sources across business siloes to gain a true understanding of why certain occurrences are happening.

Learn more about the Visualizer

Nasdaq-built Applications


Enables advanced calculations to be performed on any of the data sources connected to the Nasdaq Core, and data connected to other data warehouses or external applications.

Learn more about the Analyzer

Nasdaq-built Applications


Historical and ad-hoc reporting capable of presenting any statistics that can be gathered from any data source that connect to the Nasdaq Core.

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Nasdaq-built Applications


Configurable one and two level accounting with beneficial owner level & various market structure support.

Learn more about Custody

Nasdaq-built Applications

Clearing Engine

High velocity, multi-asset clearing engine with real-time capabilities. Handles trades, positions and lifecycle management with functional depth.

Learn more about the Clearing Engine

Nasdaq-built Applications

Real-time Risk

Addresses the sophisticated risk management needs of CCPs and exchanges.

Learn more about Real-time Risk

Nasdaq-built Applications


Sophisticated price determination and theoretical pricing.

The single price source for all Post trade prices including margin, collateral and fixing prices.

Nasdaq-built Applications

Collateral Management

Sophisticated CCP collateral management solution that handles deposits, valuation and evaluation against exposures.

Learn more about Collateral Management

Nasdaq-built Applications

OTC Workflow Manager

Handles registration, matching, affirmation, confirmation, pre-novation checks and position keeping of both complex and non-complex OTC contracts

Learn more about the OTC Worklow Manager

Nasdaq-built Applications

Settlement Instructor

Manages and aggregates all settlement instructions handled by a CCP both securities and cash. Fundamental for Cash CCP functionality

Learn more about the Settlement Instructor

Nasdaq-built Applications

Packaged CCP

Supporting multiple asset classes and currency and providing a broad range of functionality.

Learn more about the Packaged CCP

Nasdaq-built Applications

Corporate Actions

Configurable, rule and workflow based processing of ISO standard corporate actions on local and foreign securities. Automated corporate action generation for bonds.

Learn more about Corporate Actions

Nasdaq-built Applications

Settlement Engine

High-performance, configurable and rule based processor of multi-asset class, multi-payment, and multi-currency settlement instructions.

Learn more about Settlement Engine

Nasdaq-built Applications


Provides registry services for issue, transformation and other shareholder servicing.

Learn more about Registry

Externally-built Applications


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Machine Intelligence Applications

Machine Intelligence

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Blockchain-integrated Applications


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Nasdaq Core Values

Agility & Component Based

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High Performance Compute

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Service Oriented Architecture

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Unified Operations

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Core Services

Data Store

Collects data from any source connected to the Nasdaq Core. Different store types are offered dependent upon customer needs. Existing customer data store/warehouses can be integrated with the framework.

Core Services


Allows specific applications to integrate with blockchain technology.

Core Services

Connectivity Services

A set of standardized interfaces used by business applications to communicate internally and externally, including:

One Company. One platform. For all of your needs.


Built for change
  • Agile
  • Less complex testing
  • Core enhancements take immediate effect on applications desired
  • Harmonized offerings in open infrastructure
  • Flexible delivery models
  • Integration with custom-built functionality
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Proven system stability to keep you operational
  • Information security focus
  • Choice in resiliency models
  • Easy member connectivity
  • Future-proof
  • Shorter time-to-market
  • Take advantage of Nasdaq R&D

The Nasdaq Financial Framework is Nasdaq’s evolutionary harmonized approach to delivering robust end-to-end solutions to financial infrastructure providers in an open, agile environment.

The framework consists of a single operational core that ties together the deep portfolio of Nasdaq’s proven business functionality across the trade lifecycle, in an open framework whereby exchanges, clearinghouses and CSDs can easily integrate Nasdaq’s business applications with each other, as well as otherthird-party solutions.

In addition to being able to integrate a broad range of business functions, the Nasdaq Financial Framework’s unique, purpose-built design enables end user firms to easily leverage the latest in technology developments (for example: Blockchain and Machine Learning) and bring new functionality to market more quickly.


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