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Centralized and efficient, Nasdaq Boardvantage simplifies the sharing of critical information via the web or mobile app, helping you make meetings held anywhere more productive. 

To learn more about the platform download the product highlights or read the FAQs for more information. 

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Nasdaq Boardvantage offers a robust set of tools, built with end-to-end independently verified security controls, for streamlining meeting and document management and distribution. The platform also helps corporate secretaries, general counsel, board members and senior executives to save time and money and boost productivity at every stage of the process—before meetings, during meetings and post meetings.

Through our partnership with the Center for Board Excellence (CBE), Nasdaq Boardvantage is able to offer one of the most trusted and comprehensive governance solutions in the market. Set the standard for governance and compliance and transform how your board and executives work by implementing CBE’s robust digital D&O Questionnaires, third party CEO and Board Evaluations.

Improved Meeting Management and Administration 

Simplify the process of preparing for and holding board and leadership team meetings and focus on increasing long-term value. 

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Designed for Ease of Use 

The intuitive user interface is simple to use and has been designed to meet the needs of users with varying levels of technology skills. The software is the ideal digital alternative to paper, and offers an easy-to-use mobile solution for board directors and senior executives on tablet or smartphone. The presentation across devices has the same look and feel for a streamlined and much improved user experience. The training and implementation experience is quick and customized, with white glove support from our award-winning service team and expert onboarding specialists.  

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Corp Sec - Designed for ease of use


End-To-End Independently Verified Security Controls

Given that information dealt with at the board level is often sensitive in nature, security is a must. Nasdaq Boardvantage protects your sensitive information and IP with solutions that utilize industry standards and best practices for encryption and access security. The platform is supported by the same security controls which support our trading systems and exchanges globally.

  • Minimize risk of unauthorized access with two-factor authentication – password and Touch ID or PIN code 
  • Remote purge board books and documents, in case of loss or theft of device 
  • Secure email—consolidate communications within a protected space, notify users of new items, and share messages and documents via encrypted email
  • Set permissions to entire folders or individual files to specific users or teams
  • No documents stored in the cloud

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Powerful Collaboration & Communication Platform 

Collaborate securely with your board, leadership teams, partners, and key stakeholders 

Nasdaq Boardvantage streamlines your internal or virtual board and team meetings and confidential communications as well as your document workflows with an intuitive user experience on desktop and mobile devices. Collaborate efficiently and share documents through the security-enhanced portal with team members, key partners and/or stakeholders, before, during, and in between meetings.

  • E-sign documents and solicit approvals and unanimous consent votes 
  • Edit documents in the native in offline mode and sync with users when online 
  • Share annotations and notes with designated users 
  • Improve project collaboration by using the Task Management module and project tracking capabilities to create repeatable workflows 
  • Assign tasks to your users, track, and report on progress
Corp Sec - Powerful Collaboration

A Scalable Solution for Your Enterprise 

Meet the changing needs of your organization as it grows or as other teams within your organization recognize a need for secure collaboration and seamless document dissemination. 

TeamSpaces for Team Collaboration 

Any group, team, or department within an organization can establish secure and organized working spaces with controlled access to content and remote capability. Organize by team or project, all while ensuring broader transparency when needed. 

  • Create TeamSpaces for your board, committees, teams and projects 
  • Keep content segregated by setting user permissions so users access only content they are explicitly authorized to read 
  • Manage participation in multiple boards, committees and teams 

Corp Sec - Scalable solution


Full Translation

Arabic, Danish, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish

Device Support

Android, Surface, iOS 

The common code base scales across browser and mobile devices – desktop, tablet and smartphone

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Nasdaq Boardvantage is trusted by enterprises worldwide, including half of the Fortune 500


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