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1. How does Nasdaq Boardvantage help with meeting productivity? 

Distribution of meeting documents is automated. Relevant documents are presented in the context of the meeting agenda, and the current meeting is presented in a meeting timeline. Nasdaq Boardvantage boosts the productivity that is often lacking in high-level meetings today. 

2. How does Nasdaq Boardvantage help senior management and directors on the go? 

Nasdaq Boardvantage offers tools purposely designed for approving initiatives, e-signing agreements, participating in meetings remotely, and for secure messaging and annotation sharing. 

3. How secure is Nasdaq Boardvantage? 

Nasdaq Boardvantage is hosted in a highly secure, hardened data center with no third party access. Nasdaq Boardvantage includes full strength encryption, multi-factor authentication and certificates. Customer content is segregated into individual repositories and encrypted with unique keys. Only the customers’ authorized users can access protected data, barring even Nasdaq system administrators from viewing content.

4. What about discoverability? 

Customers control all of their content to meet their retention policies. Directors can permanently delete notes or the general counsel can do so remotely. Deleted documents and notes are irretrievable. 

5. How do I control document access? 

Role-based permissions allow administrators to grant or restrict access, including print and/or save options for committees or individuals. Access can be controlled for folders, documents and even particular sections of a document, including board books. 

6. How do I segregate content between different teams? 

Nasdaq Boardvantage segregates content in separate Team Spaces that function as focal points for teams or initiatives. Users only have access to content to which they’re explicitly authorized, thereby reducing the risk of inadvertently sharing outside the team. 

7. What if Wi-Fi is unavailable? How do I access my critical content? 

With Nasdaq Boardvantage, users can review and annotate documents even while offline. When the network connection is restored, all updates made in offline mode will sync back to the server without action required on the part of the user. 

8. Will I be able to customize the application with my company logo and colors? 

Yes, you can brand the application to include your logo and your organization’s colors. 

9. What are the benefits for a company corporate secretary? 

Nasdaq Boardvantage simplifies online board book creation and distribution with workflows and one-click support of last minute updates and notifications. Nasdaq Boardvantage also provides rapid response capability for ad hoc meetings, while automating recurring processes such as written consents, electronic signatures and director’s self-assessments. 

10. How do I respond to last-minute changes and redlines? 

Documents can be edited in their native format (word, excel, powerpoint, etc.) even after they have been uploaded to the portal. This includes support for redlining. The versioning feature tracks document history, while a single-click document replace feature allows updates directly from the desktop. These changes are automatically synced and flagged in the directors’ briefcase next time they log in. 

11. What are the hosting choices?

Nasdaq Boardvantage can be hosted in secure Nasdaq data centers located in California, New Jersey, Amsterdam, Canada and Singapore. Also, the Nasdaq Boardvantage portal can be installed on premise if customer policy precludes hosting of sensitive data externally. 

12. How do I get started? 

Directors and senior managers are trained in a 30-minute one-on-one session at a convenient time. For support, Nasdaq staff is available 24x7. Our support centers are located around the globe.

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