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Nasdaq Boardvantage for Law Firms

For partnership board and committee management, Nasdaq Boardvantage is the ideal solution for efficient paperless meeting and case management, secure communication, collaboration and document sharing throughout the firm. 

Nasdaq Boardvantage streamlines practice administration and case management with an intuitive user experience on desktop and mobile, and is built to withstand high industry security standards. Nasdaq Boardvantage boosts the efficiency of your legal team both during meetings and in between. Share documents securely before or during a case with partners, clients or external litigation teams. Perfect for managing the workflows of stakeholders during M&A deals and the settlement process.

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Features to Manage Your Sensitive Information

Content segregation: Create separate TeamSpaces aligned with your internal teams, external stakeholders and clients. Configure and customize branding, permissions, and module settings. 

Permission settings: Set permissions to entire folders or individual files. Designed to allow specified users access to information in the way it is intended. 

Data storage: Strengthen security around documents by storing on our encrypted database. Configure content retention settings to align with your internal policies. Take advantage of generous file allowance and a consolidated view of files and projects.

Full-text search: Locate information easily with simple or advanced search. 

Version tracker: Collaboration made simple - know when a change was made and by who. 

Remote purge: Minimized risk of discoverability. Files and notes can be purged centrally, even if out of Wi-Fi range. 

Single sign-on (SSO) support via SAML: Integrated company authentication allows users to login using their existing network credentials.

Collaborate with directors and key stakeholders

Voting and Approvals: Vote and approve items with a click. Built-in reporting automatically collates responses into presentation-ready graphical formats.

Annotations: Add annotations to any file. Users can add private notes or share them with other user(s) or group(s).

eSignatures: Keep transactions, contracts and other sensitive documents digital and manage eSignatures within the platform; date and time stamps can also be enabled. Users are notified of pending signature requests.

In-app email: Communicate sensitive information and share files between meetings using secure in-app email functionality, minimizing the risk of potential exposure to unintended recipients.

Presenter mode: Maintain control of meetings, from wherever or with whomever you are presenting. Control all or a portion of a meeting, keeping everyone on the same page.

Collaborate with directors and key stakeholders

Surveys: Quickly build, distribute, and run surveys, including conflicts of interest, evaluations, and general questionnaires. Add multiple sections, customize question type, and view progress.

Intuitive and time-saving tools

Meeting manager: Create simple or comprehensive meetings – add details and/or attach files and reference materials. Meetings can be copied from day-to-day, year to year for greater efficiency. 

Edit in native: Make 'last minute edits' in a flash. Edit any files uploaded into Nasdaq Boardvantage in native format. No need to reupload updated files or PDF files first.

Notifications: Notify or remind users a file requires editing or is complete and ready for review.

Meeting agenda: Create an interactive agenda with meeting documents comprised of any file type. Simply hyperlink your agenda items with your files. 

Content creation: Compose affidavits and detailed case files in a simple, clean format. 

Automatic updates: Nasdaq Boardvantage actively looks for any changes on all devices. Rest assured users will have the most updated version of any materials.

Nasdaq Boardvantage is helping corporate secretaries, general counsel,board members and senior executives in various industries worldwide save time and boost productivity. For the latest product highlights and information on board management education, view our Resource Library.

Boardvantage for Law Firms

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