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Nasdaq Boardvantage® for the Pre-IPO Enterprise

For private companies that aspire to be public, a suite of flexible, scalable and secure communication and file-sharing tools is critical to forward-looking planning. Nasdaq Boardvantage is used by public and private corporations worldwide as a platform to elevate governance, improve data security, and enhance collaboration with internal and external parties. 

Private companies that are contemplating or initiating the IPO process should be aware of the importance of security when it comes to exchanging confidential documents, managing meetings and collaborating – whether with new board members, internal leadership teams or external advisors. Post-IPO, the importance of using the right software tools to ensure proper governance becomes even more critical, as companies come under the scrutiny of shareholders and regulators. Leverage Nasdaq Boardvantage to implement industry-standard governance practices pre-IPO, and send positive signals to investors that your company is focused on long-term value creation.

Nasdaq Boardvantage for the Pre-IPO enterprise

Organizations around the world rely on Nasdaq Boardvantage.

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Save time and collaborate securely with directors, key stakeholders and advisors


Search, organize and securely share confidential documents such as general board meeting materials, financial data and statements, capitalization tables and equity options materials, S-1 drafts and investor presentations. 


Create TeamSpaces aligned with your committees, auditors, underwriters, legal advisors, internal teams or specific initiatives. 


Communicate sensitive information and share files using secure in-app email functionality, minimizing the risk of potential exposure to unintended recipients. 


Create a meeting book comprised of any file type. Simply link your agenda with your files. 


Leverage TeamSpace functionality to manage key initiatives, share and collaborate on materials (such as board documents or S-1 drafts) with internal and external parties


Add annotations and notes to any file. Key stakeholders can add private notes or share them with other users or groups. 


Vote and approve items with one click. Built-in reporting automatically collates responses into presentation-ready graphical formats. 


Keep transactions, contracts and other sensitive documents digital, and manage e-signatures within the platform. 


Quickly build, distribute, and run reports. Our partnership with CBE offers a consultative and online approach to governance and compliance including: D&O Questionnaires, Conflicts of Interest Evaluations, CEO Evaluations and more.

Nasdaq Boardvantage is helping corporate secretaries, general counsel,board members and senior executives in various industries worldwide save time and boost productivity. For the latest product highlights and information on board management education, view our Resource Library.


How does Nasdaq Boardvantage help with meeting productivity, secure communication, content segregation and more?

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Questionnaires and Board Evaluations

How can Nasdaq help streamline your D&O Questionnaires and Board Evaluations with dynamic, data-driven technology?

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