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Access fully-vetted alternative data to inform investment strategies.

The Nasdaq Analytics Hub provides access to fully-vetted unique alternative and financial data used to better inform investment strategies.


The platform is continuously evaluating new data sets for the ability to uniquely inform investors seeking to maximize returns while minimizing risk. New data sets are now available. These include:

  • eVestment ESG – data provided by Nasdaq’s eVestment platform informs investors about the measured adoption of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) standards
  • iSentium Social Media Sentiment – exclusive to Nasdaq, actionable translation of social media sentiment using iSentium’s patented natural language processing technology
  • Global News Exposure – measure of international media attention and financial news relationships
  • Supply Chain Network Exposure – global and regional supply chain risk measurement that identifies critical and well positioned companies

Data Set What This Data Set Offers
FINANCIAL SYSTEMIC EXPOSURE* Measures the systemic price return contribution of over 16,000 core global and regional companies for use in high risk adjusted return portfolios.
GLOBAL NEWS EXPOSURE* Compartmentalizes data to measure international media and financial news relationships to 5,000 global companies to help users take risk and maximize returns.
SUPPLY CHAIN NETWORK EXPOSURE* Measures global and regional supply chain risk to identify critical and well positioned companies to help users maximize risk adjusted returns.
MULTI-LAYERED EXPOSURE* Multi-dimensional data set that creates a global risk network from company relationships, supply chain, semantic, and financial networks to help users take risk to maximize returns while managing co-movement risk.
EMERGING TECHNOLOGY* Scores entity-specific exposure and contribution to 35 economically disruptive technologies. Driven primarily by Intellectual Property investigations, the data gives users actionable intelligence to participate and trade optimally in global markets which are evolving quickly and are driven by technology.
EARNINGS QUALITY* Provides a rating assessment of the 3,000 largest companies’ accrual accounting risk and future returns derived from financial statements. Fundamental and discretionary asset managers are empowered with unbiased assessments of a company’s risk. Screens for risk profiles and detects anomalies while still enhancing quantitative multi-factor models.
ESG HOLDINGS INTELLIGENCE* Establishes ESG stocks and funds, as well as trends in ESG investing based on actual investment/holdings data rather than third party classifications from aggregated and anonymized empirical evidence. Sourced from eVestment, a Nasdaq company.
ETF REFERENCE DATA* Provides detailed classification of thousands of ETFs and their components, including full holdings files, daily fund flows, sector and geographic exposures, and quantitative and qualitative risk/reward scores. Users all across the spectrum can leverage this data to draw simple, clear conclusions about the future state of the ETF, stock, and macroeconomic markets.
SOCIAL MEDIA SENTIMENT* Analyzes social media sentiment through patented natural language processing to derive longer-term, equity focused, long/short scores and sentiment on a growing number of equities. Exclusive to Nasdaq.
MULTI-EXPERT LONG WITH SHORT HEDGE Reduces a portfolio’s risk and volatility while preserving return of the core holdings, providing information needed to identify highly liquid ETFs as hedges.
TECHNICAL ANALYSIS Point & figure, relative-strength factors used by 8,000+ financial advisors and money managers, with over $7 billion in AUM utilizing the strategy.
TWITTER SENTIMENT Unstructured social content extracted and transformed into highly actionable indicators.
G-10 COMMUNIQUÉ Quantitative score for every speech, press release, testimony and set of meeting minutes from the G-10 central banks.
PREMIUM ALPHA Measures active, real-time investor sentiments, providing data that can help outperform the market.
CORPORATE FILINGS Near real-time analysis of buried texts on 1,200 publicly-listed companies.
CORPORATE EARNINGS Context and insights into the language used by officers and analysts, covering approximately 3,000 publicly-traded companies.

* New data sets released July 2018

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