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Daily Share Volume

Designed to accommodate your back-testing and research needs.

Learn about Nasdaq Daily Share Volume

Nasdaq Daily Share Volume (DSV) is a historical data product that summarizes the aggregated share volume, providing tracking for market participants’ trading performance in specific stocks, indices and sectors.

DSV Reports display Nasdaq-listed and non-Nasdaq listed share volume on The Nasdaq Stock Market® the same day of the trade, allowing you to make better educated routing and trading decisions.

Credible Data

DSV reports provide accurate and credible data to aid in your trading strategies. The data from these reports is the “gold-source” of information, obtained from actual trades executed on Nasdaq.

Customizable Reports

The DSV reports are available after market close each day and can be obtained through a query-response system. They can be customized by exchange and sorted by volume or by symbol. In addition, reports can be organized by:

  • Market participant
  • Issue
  • Index
  • Sector
  • Composite (Nasdaq-listed or non-Nasdaq listed)

Delivery Details

Daily Share Volume files for the rolling calendar month are available for download as a web-based data product via HTML; secure file transfer protocol (FTP); or XML, which allows firms to download the data to perform their own customized analysis.

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