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G-10 Communiqué

Central bank communiqué—profiled, analyzed, and scored.

About the Dataset

  • Introducing Fed-watching data as part of the inaugural, contributing factors to the Nasdaq Analytics Hub. The Analytics Hub combines third-party and Nasdaq datasets with our machine intelligence engine, creating new and unique market signals. All third-party data partners must pass a rigorous Nasdaq vetting process, including survivor-bias-free back-testing—confirming the validity and effectiveness of the data.
  • A quantitative score for every speech, press release, testimony, and set of meeting minutes based on the individual profile of that central banker:
    • Evaluating the G-10 central banks around the world
    • Outputs are scored and indexed
    • Scores are normalized and categorized into Hawkish/Dovish paradigms
    • Trading signals across asset classes
    • Easily integrated into existing models
    • History: 1998 onwards
    • End-of-day data delivered via SFTP
    • Additional Nasdaq machine learning, derived value-added data and analytics fields

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