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The Nasdaq Commodities offerings are global and include power, natural gas and carbon emission markets, tanker and dry cargo freight, fuel oil, seafood derivatives, iron ore, electricity certificates and clearing services. Nasdaq Oslo ASA is the commodity derivatives exchange authorized by the Norwegian Ministry of Finance and supervised by the Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authority. Our data suite offers real-time and historical coverage of each market.

Commodities Europe

Nasdaq Commodities Europe offers trading and clearing of Nordic, U.K., German and other European power derivatives; European Union Allowances (EUAs); and Certified Emission Reductions (CERs). Also included in the commodities offering are tanker and dry cargo freight, fuel oil and seafood derivatives.

For a snapshot of daily trading activity (delayed), view today’s volume.

Commodities TotalView >

The most comprehensive Commodities offering, displays all the bid/ask prices in the order book (market-by-order), real-time listing details, trading and order book information.

NFX Commodities

NFX is the market for trading energy derivatives. Market participants have the ability to trade a suite of European listed energy derivatives products across the future curve.

NFX TotalView-ITCH >

Real-time, low-latency market-by-order and pre-trade transparency, reference data, indicative pricing, clearing information and statistics.


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