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Superior Equity Market Data Coverage

Nasdaq powers trading and investment decisions for the full range of exchange-listed equities in the U.S. and Nordics, and for over 25% of all Canadian equities volume. Our coverage of the Equities markets is unmatched.


Nasdaq powers trading and investment decisions around the world and our coverage of the Equities markets is unmatched. Nasdaq owns 10 equities markets around the world. As the largest single liquidity pool for U.S. equities, our U.S. markets - Nasdaq, BX, PSX - offer three models. Our seven European equities markets allow efficient cross-border trading, settlement and membership through one platform.

U.S. Equities

Nasdaq offers direct access to its U.S. equity data products from its U.S. data centers and approved redistributors. Our real-time and historical data products provide comprehensive insight into trading activity for multiple exchanges and asset classes.

Nasdaq Basic >

Basic is an easy-to-administer alternative to Level 1 data, providing last sale and top of book quotations. On average, saves users 60% off their current Level 1 subscriptions.

Nasdaq TotalView >

The standard-setting data feed for serious traders, presenting every single quote and order at every price level for all Nasdaq-, NYSE-, NYSE MKT- and regional-listed securities on Nasdaq, Inc.

Nasdaq Last Sale >

A direct data feed that provides real-time last sale data for securities listed on U.S. exchanges - including price, volume and time.

Nasdaq Market Replay >

An extremely powerful replay and analysis tool, allowing users to view the consolidated order book and trade data for U.S. exchange-listed securities at any point in time.

Analytics Hub >

Access alternative data and buy and sell signals derived from machine intelligence to inform investment ideas.

European Equities

The Nasdaq European Equity products provide real-time market data, including best bid/ask insight into the Copenhagen, Helsinki, Iceland, Stockholm and First North marketplaces.

Coverage includes equity instruments (equities, equity rights, bonus subscriptions, interim shares, convertibles, warrants and mutual funds), index values and company news/disclosures.

Nordic Equity TotalView >

This is a premier information product for active investors and traders dealing in Nordic exchange-listed securities.

Nasdaq Glimpse

Validate orders or recover from data gaps that happen intraday. Glimpse provides a snapshot of the book at any time during the trading day so users can view the full order depth when they log in for Nordic Equities, Derivatives, and Commodities.

Canadian Equities

Our recent expansion into Canada allows us to bring the technology and innovation you expect from Nasdaq to a new set of data. Nasdaq CXC and Nasdaq CX2 allow you to build your book or discover and share insights in an instant with accurate, yet cost-efficient Canadian data.

Nasdaq Basic Canada >

Access Canadian data with competitive accuracy—at a lower cost.


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